Meet the BodyMe team – Lewis

Meet the BodyMe team – Lewis portrait

In case you didn’t know, we produce everything from our protein powders and superfoods to our bites and bars in small batches from our production space just outside of Bristol. 

We wanted to introduce you to some of BodyMe’s team – the unsung heroes who are squirrelled away behind the scenes, pressing the bars and bites and blending the powders that keep you fuelled up every day! 

First up is Lewis – Bristol born and bred (and very proud of it, too) you’ll find him keeping the production flowing, from raw ingredients to pack. “Day to day I work alongside Josh to produce, wrap and pack everything we make here at BodyMe. It’s a lot of work but it’s so fulfilling to look back after a hard week and see how many products we’ve made!” 

Fun fact, in his spare time, Lewis is a guitarist. In his last band – a Ska-Punk trio – he toured the UK and played with some big names, including members of The Beat and Dexys Midnight Runners! He’s recently joined another band and the whole BodyMe team are pumped for their first gig! 

Hey Lewis, what’s your favourite BodyMe product?

Hands down the Chia Vanilla protein bar. The chia seeds add a nice bit of texture and the flavour is awesome. I like everything we make but chia vanilla just hits different. Most often I snack on the bars or bites, although lately I’ve been using the Coconut and Raspberry-boosted protein powder on top of cereal, which goes down a treat. A special shout-out to Josh's Maca Cinnamon biscuits though!

What’s your biggest goal for the rest of the year? 

Personally, to move into my new home and, professionally, to work hard and try to enjoy life as much as I possibly can.

Share your best inspiring words of wisdom? 

We are who we choose to be.

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