ORGANIC VEGAN PROTEIN BARS "The bars are delicious and filling and leave me feeling great. Definitely recommend!" Trina, Greenwich

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Naturally fuel your active life on-the-go with peace of mind

Live life to the max and get the best from yourself with peace of mind by nourishing your body with clean organic vegan protein bars.

BodyMe bars contain only the finest quality certified organic plant-based ingredients, no nasties, no fillers, no preservatives, no nonsense, just simple ingredients that make sense and provide an impact.

"I never had other protein products and will probably never change. Stick to the vegan and natural way. These bars are tasty and efficient, I use pre and post workout or as a snack when out of home." Julien Calmels.

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Stay fuller for longer and satisfy your taste buds

Curb your daily cravings and feel fuller for longer with our nutritious, delicious, balanced and complete vegan protein bars.

Every tasty and filling 60g bar of goodness contains 16g of complete plant protein to help keep your hunger at bay and keep you going for longer.

"I bought all the flavours available to try and have to say they were sooooooo delicious and also filling so great for breakfast, on the go or an afternoon snack. Definitely going to order some more!!!!" Leah Vigon.

BodyMe 3 Best Organic Vegan Protein Powders

Perfectly Combining 3 Of The Best Plant Proteins

For muscle maintenance, repair and growth and easy digestion.

Every BodyMe bar contains a perfect ratio of organic pea protein, organic sprouted brown rice protein and organic hemp seed protein providing a complete protein with all 9 essential amino acids plus more.

"Easy on the stomach, cocoa helps awaken things a bit, protein feels useful and absorbable and very tasty" Andy Whitmore

BodyMe Soft Texture Organic Cashews Dates Coconut Nectar

Soft Texture, Sweet Satisfaction And Sustained Energy

From the finest organic cashews, organic dates and organic coconut nectar. Cashews also provide a nutritional boost of vitamins B1, B6, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc and manganese – all contributing to a healthy body and mind.

"I absolutely LOVE these bars! They are my favourite of all the brands that I have tried. Perfectly moist and not too sweet and they are filling enough to keep me going. I am so glad I found them." Suzanne Guest 

BodyMe Organic Superfoods Oils Extracts

Tasty, Delicious And Nutritious

From using the finest raw organic superfoods from around the globe. Every ingredient has a function and provides an impact to help you get the most from your food.

"The best products on the market - the right ingredients, great taste and full with nutrients." Martin Dimitrov, Personal Trainer.

It's All About The Ingredients

Plant Protein Blend - our unique and perfect blend of the 3 best vegan proteins - pea protein, sprouted brown rice protein and hemp seed protein - creates a complete amino acid profile with all 9 essential amino acids – helping you build and maintain muscle and feel fuller for longer.

Cashews - powerhouse of protein, fatty acids and macronutrients.

Dates and Coconut Nectar - for a sweet taste and soft texture. Dates are a good source of fibre and high in potassium, good for nerves and muscle function and high in chloride helping digestion. Coconut nectar has a lower glycemic index of 35 compared to other highly processed syrups at 65, which means it has less impact on blood sugar levels.

Coconut Oil - full of good fats and MCTs.

Cacao and Cacao Nibs - the rawest form of chocolate, high in potassium, phosphorus and magnesium helping for an energetic metabolism, reduce tiredness and fatigue, electrolyte balance and muscle function.

Chia Seeds - Aztec gems, packed full of good fats, proteins, fibre, vitamin E, vitamins B1, B3, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and zinc – all providing multiple health benefits.

Maca Root - The Inca warrior root and a good source of vitamin C, B vitamins, calcium, potassium, iron and manganese - providing a multitude of health and performance benefits.

Ceylon Cinnamon - Warm sweet aromatic spice with anti-inflammatory benefits to help recovery. Also helps energise your metabolism, reduce tiredness and fatigue and maintain muscle function, bone health and brain function from calcium, iron, manganese and vitamin K.

Goji Berries - High in fibre and a good source of protein, calcium and iron - for an energetic metabolism, reducing tiredness and fatigue, maintaining bones and muscle function.

Beetroot - Known for it's proven performance enhancing nitrates, also high in fibre and good source of manganese - good for metabolism, bones and antioxidant.

Raspberry - High in fibre, manganese and vitamin C, good for bones, immune, antioxidants, metabolism and reducing tiredness and fatigue.

Cold-Pressed Oils and Extracts - To give your taste buds an almighty wow.


BodyMe Organic Vegan Protein Bars Nutritional Information And Ingredients

Get Fresh With Us

Our kitchen to your door

We make all our own products in Great Britain and by ordering direct from us, you're guaranteed the freshest organic vegan protein bars and longest shelf life.

Your peace of mind

All our products are Soil Association certified organic and Vegan Society registered. We are also SALSA food safety and quality certified.

Free from nonsense

All our award winning vegan protein bars are free from gluten, soy, dairy, whey, binders, additives, preservatives, nasties and any other nonsense.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Nice but bit costly

Would buy again but every now and again and would probably buy more often if p&p was free for smaller orders

Perfect high protein vegan snack

I've tried each of the protein bars and loved every single one, they taste great and I love the range of healthy ingredients used! Would definitely recommend.

Amazing bars of goodness

I receive a monthly delivery of the protein bars and I absolutely love them. Not only are they tasty but I love the texture and I find they really satisfy me after a gym workout. Don’t hesitate to buy them..

Delicious goodness :)

Perfect for the health aware, allergy sufferer, like me! A great tasting protein boost. Lovely balanced flavour and very more- ish !! :)

Best vegan protein bars

I’m not vegan but rather avoid dairy products as much a possible, I’ve had a several deliveries of their vanilla bars and will continue to purchase them for their protein content and taste. I’d highly recommended them, can’t comment on other products as I haven’t tried them but if they’re anything like the vanilla ones you’ll be happy.

Fantastic product. Very tasty and well made.

These bars are great! Amazing flavours and a fine selection of them.
They deserve a five star review without a doubt. I look forward to this company making nut-free bars ones one day, too.

Delicious and Nutritious

After finding it incredibly difficult to find any protein bars in shops without added sweeteners and other nasties I searched online, found Body Me and haven't looked back. The bars are delicious and filling and leave me feeling great. Definitely recommend!

Good stuff

Really enjoy them as my pre workout snack. What I really like about them is they are free from all those ingredients that I don’t understand (the ones you get in the market mostly I don’t understand what they contain and I don’t know what they’ll do to my body). But the products you get from body me have content simple enough to understand at the same time giving nutrients what you want


Excellent taste - Excellent Vegan Super Food