BodyMe Organic Golds Superfood Powder With Turmeric Coconut Milk Prebiotic Inulin Cinnamon Ginger Reishi Mushroom
BodyMe Organic Golds Superfood Powder With Turmeric Coconut Milk Prebiotic Inulin Cinnamon Ginger Reishi Mushroom
BodyMe Organic Golds Superfood Powder With Turmeric Coconut Milk Prebiotic Inulin Cinnamon Ginger Reishi Mushroom

Super Golds Turmeric Powder - Organic

Relax, sleep well and feel renewed with the power of BodyMe Golds turmeric superfood powder blend
  • Calm
  • Recover
  • Immunise


BodyMe Organic Vegan Golds contains seven nutrient boosting superfoods to support your body when you need it most.

With turmeric, coconut milk, prebiotic inulin, cinnamon, ginger, reishi mushroom and black pepper to help you relax, reducing inflammation in the body, aiding deeper sleep, to leave you feeling renewed and on top of your game.

Relax & calm

Golden turmeric blend with vital nutrients to help you relax, sleep well and feel amazing.

Recover & immunise

Bodyme vegan golds contains an enhanced ratio of organic turmeric (curcumin) and black pepper (piperine) to help reduce inflammation.

Each serve contains vital vitamins and minerals that contribute to normal immune function, helping you to stay protected and on top of your game.

Nourish with Organic & Natural Ingredients

BodyMe Vegan golds powder is made with certified organic ingredients. No added nonsense, sweeteners, fillers, binders, preservatives, GMOs or Gluten.


  • Organic turmeric - powerful anti-inflammatory and high in iron for oxygen transport, immune and metabolism.
  • Organic coconut milk - containing mcts (good fats) for the brain and full of potassium for nerves, muscles and blood pressure and manganese for bones, joints and protecting cells from oxidative stress.
  • Organic prebiotic inulin - plant fibre derived from the agave plant, providing a food source for the good bacteria in your gut and good for digestion.
  • Organic ceylon cinnamon - a comforting and soothing spice helping to control blood sugar levels and full of calcium, iron and manganese for bones, joints and immune.
  • Organic ginger - helping digestion and high in magnesium and manganese for bones and joints, iron for oxygen transport and immune, plus the antioxidant vitamin E.
  • Organic reishi mushroom - stress fighting adaptogenic mushroom also for immune, inflammation and detox.
  • Organic black pepper - with the active ingredient piperine helping the body absorb curcumin in turmeric. We use an enhanced 18:1 turmeric to black pepper ratio to ensure your body is taking in all the goodness.


How to use

Simply mix or blend BodyMe golds powder into

  • Golden lattes, see our recipe
  • Smoothies
  • Juices, coconut water
  • Protein shakes
  • Recipes especially curries or aromatic baking
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Vegan Foodie (Witney, GB)
Amazing superfood

Not only is this full of nutritional (& completely clean) goodness but it tastes delicious. It's my favourite of the powders and really adds a nice depth to my protein smoothies, especially when I'm bored of the usual sweet-tasting combo.

Brilliant to hear your positive thoughts about our Organic GOLDS Superfood powder. This is one of our unsung heroes. Great for muscle recovery and helping you relax. Also really versatile, can be added to curries, soups, pancakes as well as hot and iced golden lattes (with or without coffee depending on your preference and also if you want to get the benefits in the morning or at night to aid sleep). Thanks for all your orders and high praise. Chris

JH44 (Bexhill-on-Sea, GB)
Joyful Golds

Love the Super Golds Turmeric Powder, now adding it to porridge, almond milk latte and cookies too!

Gavin Cox (Swadlincote, GB)
Golden goodness

This golden powder is gold-dust and makes the most amazing golden latte when made with organic oat milk, foamed in the same way you would make a latte. My technique - using a metal barista jug foam your oat milk then pouring In a mix of foam and milk to about a quarter of your cup, add one or two (dependent on cup size) scoops and mix well turning your milk and foam a wonderful deep gold. Then pour the rest of the milk (after polishing/swilling the milk) slowly from a height with a stirring action, this will help to mix the liquor with the milk whilst holding back the foam for your attempt at art. Then pouring the final 15% quite quickly (this allows the foam past the neck of the jug) from a low level to create that obligatory latte art. Then sit somewhere in shot of a view and indulge. Amazing.

Pure goodness.

Thanks bodyme for another amazing product.

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