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Heaps of superfoods out there provided vitality and nutrition for our ancestors. From the Maya and Aztecs, to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, each had their favourite. Still around today, albeit rarely used in our modern day diets, we say continued use over the centuries speaks volumes. The Chinese are up there as our wholefood heroes. Fo-ti is one of their most popular superfoods, so who are we to argue!

Fo-ti is the the root of a Chinese vine plant called the Polygonum Multiflorum (bit of a mouthful) and is also known as he-shou-wu in Chinese tradition.


  • The legend maker - fo-ti is also known in Chinese legend as 'he shou wu', translated 'he with head of black hair'. Best do your own research on this as there's nothing yet scientiifically proved.
  • Organic - certified by the Soil Association.
  • Vegan - registered with the Vegan Society.
  • Cured - with black soybean soup (said to enhance the root).


You matter, so our fo-ti root is the very best, organically grown, and carefully selected, these superior roots are sliced, cured in black soybean soup (said to enhance the root), naturally dried and milled into a powder. The final result is naturally quite earthy and grainy keeping it as close to it's original state as possible (the way the nutrients like it).

Approx 5kg of harvested root is dried into 1kg of our fo-ti powder giving it a 5:1 concetration ratio. No nasty extraction involved! kept as nature intended.

We simply add our organic fo-ti powder to vegan capsule shells for an alternative and easy plant based hit!

100% organic fo-ti prepared with black soybean soup and nothing else. Soil Association certified and Vegan Society registered for that extra peace of mind!


Cured with black soybean soup, our fo-ti powder makes a perfect savoury compliment, alternatively you can simply take a fo-ti capsule. Either way it’s easy for this super root to sprinkle it's way into your diet:

  • Blend into juices, smoothies or protein shakes to add a rooty punch.
  • Sprinkle on top of soups for a fo-ti super soup.
  • Mix with tea and hot (off the boil) water for a fo-ti tea.
  • Pop a fo-ti capsule before a meal for an easy fo-ti hit.
  • Check out our recipe section for other tasty fo-ti recipes.


"I have been having this product for a week and the energy it has given me is amazing it has also has bought glowing life to my skin and hair on my way to re-ordering this great herb."  Sajid.

"This herb has been cured in the traditional way, giving it different properties to the uncured versions. It's also more gentle on your stomach. It has a distinctive slightly smokey fragrance/taste which I find quite pleasant. Will definitely buy again, very good service from BodyMe."  Anne.

"I can say that this product is very helpful. Better energy. No more loss of hair. General increase of strength."  Luca.

"I heard it was was good for reversing grey hair. After about 5 months of taking it friends started telling me that my hair was getting darker, so I continue to take Fo-Ti and I have far less grey hair. I appreciate BodyMe for their good Organic products that are always well packaged and quick service. Thank you."  Andrea.

"I've been taking this almost 2 months for my grey hair. I have not seen any changes in the colour but I'm aware it can take up to nine months so I'll be buying more once my bottle is finished. However my hair has gone more thicker and it grows so much with this product which I really love.​"  Ayesha.

"I don't know what to expect when I bought this product! I use it mainly as a Jing enhancer which works for me. I feel more energitic and calm as a result. Foti is known for turning grey hair black ! So far, I'm not seeing any grey hair turning black but then again, I don't have grey hair! Highly recommend if your intention is attaining more yin energy which is what foti really does best!".  Jonathan.

Customer Reviews

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Thank you the delivery was very prompt, as to the product I can't really say much yer. I use it alongside a wide array of other supplements, and since it's more of a 'growing', long term effect I'm expecting from the supplement. But so far I can say the tablets are easily digestible and taste nicely like hemp and oats. As soon as I'm growing lush long dark hair again I will let you know immediately!


So apart from the benifits of this product there is also a myth that goes along with it, it turns your hair black!? Well you know something , my hair is getting darker! No lie. I'm grey and have been going grey since I was about 14. This has started happening within 5 months. The thing is, I like my hair, ha, but the Fo Ti makes you feel so good I won't stop taking it, weirdly it taste great in beetroot juice along with their Maca Powder, energy in abundance, Im Vegan and dont like to suppliment pills but this, the spirulina, the maca are all spectacular. I've been shopping with these people for sometime now and its some of the best customer service I've ever experienced. Always a personal touch. Thanks again.

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