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Hemp is a true eco-warrior. This amazingly versatile natural resource is able to survive and thrive with little input from us and has many eco uses. The seeds of the hemp plant really are a natural powerhouse and our hemp seed protein powder is our strongman of nutrition. In addition to being 50% plant protein, it also provides an array of essential amino acids, good fats, vitamins and minerals. Being plant based and nutritionally super balanced, hemp protein makes the perfect post workout skake or vegan protein supplement. 

The remnants of unabsorbed nutrients in man-made protein powders means excessive flatulence. Wholly natural hemp gives wind-free nutrition! - raw and from the earth makes this protein highly digestible - your body really does recognise it and works in synergy with this nutritional wonder.​ 


  • The builder - our hemp protein is 50% protein helping us to maintain and grow muscle. The magnesium and vitamin B6 in hemp helps break down and absorb protein and along with potassium, keeps the muscles working normally. The iron in hemp protein helps move oxygen around the body.  
  • The diet satisfier - protein also helps us to feel fuller for longer, good for satiety. 
  • The energiser - hemp protein is high in vitamins B1, B3 and B6, magnesium, phosphorus and iron which help us keep a normal metabolism and reduces tiredness and fatigue.
  • The health keeper - our hemp protein is a rich source of good fats (the omega ones) which are good for normal heart function and maintaining normal cholesterol levels. It's also high in magnesium, vitamins B1, B3 and B6 that are good for the nerves, heart and mind. The magnesium and phosphorus are good for our bones and teeth. Vitamin B6 keeps our hormones regular and vitamin B3 is good for our skin. Magnesium even has added benefits of helping electrolyte balancing - keeps us functioning at our best. Phew!
  • The protector - the vitamin E in hemp protein helps protect our cells from oxidative stress. Vitamin B6 and iron helps keep our immune intact.


Our high quality Romanian hemp seeds are harvested from organically grown hemp plants and raw processed. The seeds are washed, de-shelled and cold pressed to remove the hemp seed oil. The remaining pulp is then milled and sieved to separate the protein powder from the fibre. That’s it!

A vegan protein powder ready to add to smoothies, juices, breakfasts and much more. And we keep everything raw, the way the nutrients like it!.

100% raw organic hemp seed protein and nothing else. Soil Association certified and Vegan Society registered for that extra peace of mind.


With a slight nutty taste, our strength boosting organic protein powder can add a new taste element to some of your favourite dishes:

  • Blend with water, our cacao, a banana and agave nectar for a plant-fuelled post workout shake. (could even try with nut milk).
  • Shake into juices and other drinks for daily vegan protein boost. 
  • MIx into porridge and honey for a hemp strengthening start to the day.
  • Sprinkle over breakfast granola or muesli for a vegan power boost.
  • Add to foods to add an essential vegan protein punch to your lunch.
  • Check out our recipe section for other tasty hemp protein recipes.


"I spent a few years trying to find a good Hemp Protein product and this is it. Ideal for sprinkling on salads it has a delicious nutty taste. The size of the packaging makes it portable and easy to use. I would recommend it to vegetarians and vegans as a good way of supplementing their protein, vitamin and mineral intake.​"  Ellen.

"I have been using this product as a bodybuilding and road cycling supplement both pre & post workout/ride for around six month's now. I like it because it's soil association organic so I know for a fact it has no 'fillers'. It has an amazing array of all the amino acids and all three BCAA. high fibre, high protein and all three omega oils!! who could ask for more in a supplement. The list of protein supplement sports products on the market grows by the day, all in my opinion are full of obscure chemicals. For me bodybuilding has to be healthy, natural and organic and this product epitomizes these principles. So, after a lot of personal re-search this is the product for me. BodyMe are a great company with a great new website that is full of information, they are always polite courteous and my delivery's arrive very quickly after ordering which is great as it allows me to run my supply almost out before re-order. You will not be disappointed with this product."  Alex.

"As a woman in her mid forties, I'm looking for healthy alternatives for food supplements to stay in good health and get more energy, without having to take chemicals. I love the versatility of this product. Also the price is very reasonable, considering you get a certified organic product. I would recommend this to everybody who's conscious about his or her body AND the environment.​"  Padme.

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The Best Ethical Products on the Market

As a former professional full time athlete and current full time Coach, who recently turned to be Vegan, I couldn't find any ethical products on the market with such good quality as BodyMe stuff. The hemp protein really keeps me going after 10 hours in the gym everyday! Well done BodyMe, keep up the great work!

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