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Evolved over billions of years this algae is one of the planet’s most complete and nutrient dense superfoods. So impressive are its credentials, it’s fast becoming the food of choice for sustaining astronauts. Go orbit!

In 1974 the United Nations named spirulina ‘one of the best foods for the future’. In 2008 its report into this superfood urged governments worldwide to recognise spirulina’s nutritional prowess. And we agree. From sustaining African communities during times of famine, to providing nutrition for spacemen, the rise to fame of spirulina is well-deserved. Full of nutrients for energy producing, immunity boosting, mind balancing, blood maintaining, metabolism regulating, cell restoring, toxin fighting, muscle, hair and skin invigorating… in terms of health benefits we need say no more!


Where do we start, hmm....we really could go on forever! but here are the main ones....

  • The protector - the vitamin E, B2, copper and manganese in our spirulina helps protect our cells from oxidative stress, whilst the record amounts of vitamin B6, B12, iron and copper help keep our immune in tip top condition.
  • The energiser - spirulina is high is B vitamins, iron, copper and manganese which all all help keep a normal metabolism and reduce tiredness and fatigue.
  • The health keeper - the B vitamins, iron and copper between them help keep our mind and nerves healthy. Vitamin B2 and copper are good for the skin and hair, B vitamins and iron are good for the blood and vitamin B6 helps regulate our hormones. Vitamin B2 helps keep our vision working normally and manganese is good for the bones. Adding chlorophyll (the greenifier) into the mix, really makes spirulina a natural nutritional wonder! 
  • The builder - our spirulina is 65% protein helping us to maintain and grow muscle. The iron in spirulina helps move oxygen around the body.  
  • The diet satisfier - protein also helps us to feel fuller for longer, good for satiety. 


Our organic spirulina uses the power of the sun to grow, thrive and build it's nutritional supremacy. It's cultivated in fresh water ponds in a pristine natural environment away from any industry, on an island in the South China Sea. It’s then harvested at maximum density and dried into the finest quality spirulina powder. We source from only the best producers and every batch is tested for heavy metals etc.

Our tablets are then formed by simply pressing our spirulina powder into 500mg spirulina tablets, keeping them free from additives and binders.

100% organic spirulina tablets and thats it! Soil Association certified and Vegan Society registered for that extra peace of mind.


Do as the space travellers do or see how creative you can be:

  • Blend into juices, smoothies or protein shakes for a daily vegan algae boost. 
  • Pop a couple of our spirulina tablets each morning an easy space ready multivitamin.


"Having recently purchased the Juice Master books and a juicer, I was interested in following some of the recipes. I purchased this product and have not been disappointed. Great packaging, speedy standard delivery. Would recommend to others."  Claire.

"The product was delivered promptly! I love spirulina powder from Bodyme because unlike others, the consistency is quite better than others (I won't mention which one) and the taste is not too harsh like others."  Christian.

"No problems, good quality, will buy again."  Rebecca.

"For spirulina this product smells good and probably one of the best tasting spirulina out there - good price too! No complaints and has replaced my morning smoothies."  Alan.

"We make a wonderful smoothie for breakfast with orange, apple and pear juice and we add the spirulina!! we get energized for the whole day!!"  Laura.

"The spirulina has given me increased energy (after only 3 weeks of use), my skin and hair are glowing and I feel truly energized. The resealable bag is a pleasure and easy to use. It keeps the product fresh. BodyMe also offered excellent customer service after the post office returned my order by mistake (I didn't even have to contact them first)."  Amazon customer.

"I have been taking this product for over a year now but in tablet form and having to take it 3 times a day. With this powdered form i only have to take it once in the morning which is much better. I mix it with orange juice along with acai berry powder and chorella powder i have it every morning with my breakfast and have noticed that i feel more energetic and have less joint pain. Would definalty recomend this product and the others as they do much much more for your body and immune system. I hardly ever get colds or get ill."  Just.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Spirulina tablets are the answer!

Spirulina is a nutritional powerhouse of minerals, protein and a high chlorophyll food. The only trouble is spirulina tastes terrible, like fish food- yuck!
BodyMe spirulina tablets are the answer. Excellent quality and brilliant value and best of all, I can finally consume the full serving with out the unpleasant flavour. I love this product. 😁

Great Job

You do a fantastic job. The website is easy to navigate and your product is very good. Since starting with Spirulina I have had very few incident of colds or flu.
Thank You


Good packing, good price!

Just as it stated

I bought spirulina for my wife , she hadn’t read about the spirulina benifts on the bodyme website, I was amazed when she told me she was eating less and feeling more energisied plus her breathing was back to normal since before she used the spirulina she was getting tiite chested at times.

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