Wheatgrass contains chlorophyll, the green stuff that makes plants grow. Green in the plant world means growth, energy and vitality, and we all want some of that! 

Harvested young, when growth is fast, our wheatgrass powder captures all the hardworking nutrients that nourish a plant to maturity. Powerful stuff!   

Slightly sweeter than its equally powerful cousin, barley grass, but just as versatile, our wheatgrass powder makes it easy to get a burst of pure green energy.


  • The health keeper - the vitamin C, B vitamins, folic acid, potassium, iron and copper between them help maintain our nerves and mind and are good for our blood. Vitamin C and manganese are good for our bones and teeth, and along with vitamin A, B2, zinc and copper are also good for our skin, hair and vision. Then there's the amazing levels of chlorophyll - the stuff that turns plants green!
  • The energiser - the high levels of vitamin C, B vitamins, folic acid, iron, copper and manganese help us to keep a normal matabolism and reduce tiredness and fatigue. 
  • The protector - vitamin C, B2, copper and manganese in our wheatgrass helps protect our cells from oxidative stress and along with vitamins A, B6, folic acid and iron also helps keep our immune intact.
  • The builder - our NZ wheatgrass is 28% protein helping us to maintain and grow muscle. The iron in wheatgrass helpsmove oxygen around the body and potassium helps keep our muscles working properly. Vitamin B6 in whetgrass helps break down and absorb protein the high level of molybdenum helps us absorb amino acids.
  • The diet satisfier - protein also helps us to feel fuller for longer, good for satiety. The high chromium in our wheatgrass helps keep our glucose levels normal and stops us craving sugar.


Our grasses are organic and processed raw for that extra bit of plant power and happy nutrients!

Our NZ wheatgrass is grown organically on New Zealand's Canterbury plains. Widely considered as the most nutritious in the world, it's simply cut at optimum age, dried and milled, and thats it! no additives, no fillers, just pure, green power.

All our wheatgrass products are Soil Association certified and Vegan Society registered for that extra peace of mind!


Embrace the very essence of plant power, and get wheatgrass into your diet:

  • Blend into juices, smoothies, or protein shakes to add a grassy boost.
  • Add to coconut water for a quick wheatgrass shot.
  • Blitz with fruit, water and ice cubes for a grass shake!
  • Shake into soups for a grassy twist.
  • Mix in warm (not boiling) water for a nutritional wheatgrass tea.
  • Mash with avocado, lime juice and coriander for wheatgrass guacamole.
  • Check out our recipe section for some tasty wheatgrass recipes.


    "I have never been so excited about writing a review on a product like now. This is the best thing I have ever bought."  Rami.

    "Great stuff :) I recommend this product !! I do feel a difference - more energy and just feel more healthy overall"  Arnaud.

    "I have tried other wheatgrasses and this is a far superior product - taste, consistency, and benefits - and it is from New Zealand, so I feel it is good quality."  RC.

    "This is good stuff and I am pleased that it is helping my body! I use this in my juices and smoothies as recommended."  Di.

    "This is absolutely amazing. Taking this wheatgrass made me feel instantly energised and lasted for some time. I felt healthier, my body felt better and I completely miss it if I do not take it. I mix it in with my yogurt and it is wonderful. The taste is strange at first but you get used to it, and the benefits far outweigh anything else."  Victoria.

    "My husband and I have been using this product for several months now. We make a wonderful smoothie with orange, apple and pear juice and add a generous spoon of wheatgrass. We love it, we take it for breakfast and it is so nutritious that we don't need to take anything else for the rest of the morning!!"  Laura.

    "When you open this product you just know it is going to do you good, the deep green of this product just screams goodness, I have used this product before, but this time I have been using it while withdrawing off a very addictive antidepressant, for me it has given me increased energy, my skin and hair are glowing and I believe it has made this time so much easier to bear. After a lot of research on this product I was very pleased and will be using this for life. Order and delivery was excellent and I have now saved this seller as one of my best sellers/product and will be reordering as soon as I need to."  Debby.

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    Green power starts here!

    A super green wheatgrass smoothie is the best start to the day. Wheatgrass powder is a powerhouse of nutrients and the benefits are numerous. The powder can also be used to make a face mask for soothing unhappy skin.
    This is one of the best wheatgrass poweders I have come across. BodyMe is a gem of a company, small and caring with range of products to match.
    I'm one happy, healthy, green fuelled customer

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