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Sweet parcels! These tiny, sweet tasting loaves of love are formed by our Spanish honey bee friends from flower pollen. The granules are collected (in a nice way) and dried. Direct from the hive of life, keeping it raw, really is that simple!

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bee pollen - nutrient rich parcels

bee pollen sunshine buzz

Sun makes us happy right? It makes us feel healthy, like grabbing all life offers and having fun. If you could bottle the good things about a sunny day – then bee pollen would be it. Our organic bee pollen is formed by our honey bee friends from pollen, gathered from sun soaked flowers in Spain, bringing sunny days to your plate. You’ve seen those yellow sacs on bees back legs? They’re nature’s most perfect wholefood. Sweet tasting, nutrient rich, bee pollen holds the key to life. What a buzz! 

Bee pollen tastes and smells great, and is designed by nature to ensure life carries on, providing a powerful combination of proteins, B vitamins and minerals.

Our bee pollen promise

We insist on ethical bee pollen collection, ensuring the health of the bees, hive and wider environment. Collection is limited and staggered, leaving the bees free to feed their colony.

We only source organic and it's dried at low temperature keeping it pure and raw - the way the nutrients like it! 

As for our bee pollen capsules, we simply grind the bee pollen into a powder and add to our plant based capsule shells.

100% raw certified organic bee pollen granules and nothing else.

give yourself a buzz!

Get with the bees and bring some sunshine into your daily health regime:

  • Blend into smoothies or protein shakes for a buzzy sweet twist.
  • Sprinkle on granola, muesli or salads for some bee pollen sweetness.
  • Mix with oil and vinegar for a bee pollen power dressing.
  • Pop a bee pollen capsule for an instant buzz.
  • Check out our recipe section for other tasty bee pollen recipes.

bee pollen benefits

  • The protector - Vitamin B2 and zinc in bee pollen helps protect cells from oxidative stress. Iron and zinc also help maintain the immune system.
  • The energiser - bee pollen is a good source of B vitamins (1, 2 and 3) and iron helping to keep a normal metabolism and reduce tiredness and fatigue.
  • The health keeper - The nutrients in bee pollen including B vitamins and their minreral friends iron and zinc, between them, are good for the heart, nerves, mind, skin, bones, vision and red blood cells.
  • The builder - our bee pollen is high in protein helping us to maintain and grow muscle. 
  • The diet satisfier - protein also helps us to feel fuller for longer, good for satiety.

sharing bee pollen love

"I have been ordering this brand of bee pollen for a few months now to mix with a breakfast smoothie, and it mixes excellently. It's a very good price for the volume, and of course for being organic. The delivery is super quick. Fabulous all round!"  Angela.

"I love the taste and it's great for my skin and body. I add it instead of sugar to shakes, cereals etc."  Aggie.

"Fast delivery and a lovely tasting product. Ordering from them every 3-4 months and the quality is always spot on."  Kash.

"I have been eating bee pollen for more than 30 years. This product is one of the best I have tasted. There is no hint of staleness, as can happen if the pollen is not speedily packed. I've ordered this several times now and have never been disappointed."  Neil.

"Have used bee pollen before but was having difficulty obtaining it - always out of stock. Saw this one and ordered it. Very pleased with it. Arrived promptly, tastes great mixed in with either muesli and yogurt or with my porridge. Definitely gives me more energy. Would recommend to anyone wishing a little boost, and it is completely natural, organic and there is no fear of any unpleasant side effects. Many thanks to those busy bees."  Valerie.

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