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Booster Bundles

Team up our Naked protein powder with your choice of Superfood powder to supercharge your day and nourish your body


Add a real boost to your BodyMe Naked Protein with this bundle; choose a BodyMe organic superfood blend of choice, to supercharge your daily routine and give your body the added nourishment it needs.

Naked & Reds - Immunise & Energise

  • 24g complete plant protein per 33g serve
  • Immunity support with vital minerals and nutrients
  • Energise with this unique ratio of super berries
  • Revitalise with key antioxidants and adaptogens
  • Digestion support with prebiotic inulin

Naked & Greens - Alkalise & Awaken

  • 24g complete plant protein per 33g serve
  • Awaken with key vitamins and minerals
  • Alkalise and rebalance your pH with super greens
  • Protect with key antioxidants and adaptogens
  • Digestion support with prebiotic inulin

Naked & Golds - Calm & Protect

  • 24g complete plant protein per 33g serve
  • Calm with vital nutrients to aid sleep
  • Recover with key vitamins and minerals
  • Protect with an enhanced ratio of active turmeric
  • Digestion support with prebiotic inulin

Naked & Omegas - Focus & Vitality

  • 24g complete plant protein per 33g serve
  • Focus with essential omegas and MCTs
  • Vitality with antioxidants from super berries
  • Balance with Omegas 3,6 & 9 for heart health
  • Digestion support with prebiotic inulin


Naked Protein Blend - organic vegan protein blend (organic pea protein, organic sprouted brown rice protein, organic hemp seed protein).

Reds Blend - organic berry blend (29%) (organic blueberry, organic cranberry, organic raspberry, organic rosehip, organic açai), organic beetroot (25%), organic prebiotic inulin (25%), organic carob (15%), organic reishi mushroom (3%), organic chaga mushroom (3%).

Greens Blend - organic greens blend (48%) (organic wheatgrass, organic moringa, organic spirulina, organic chlorella, organic matcha), organic prebiotic inulin (25%), organic mango (14%), organic turmeric (5%), organic beetroot (5%), organic ashwagandha (3%).

Golds Blend - organic turmeric (36%), organic coconut milk powder (25%) (organic coconut milk (97%), organic tapioca maltodextrin (2.5%), organic acacia gum (0.5%)), organic prebiotic inulin (25%), organic cinnamon (6%), organic ginger (3%), organic reishi mushroom (3%), organic black pepper (2%).

Omegas Blend - organic cold-milled flaxseed (70%), organic cold-milled chia seed (10%), organic shelled hemp seeds (8%), organic freeze-dried blueberry (6%), organic coconut (5%), organic freeze-dried açai (1%).


  • Made with simple, organic, real-food ingredients
  • No added nonsense, fillers, binders, preservatives, GMOs or Gluten.
  • Nutrition led, unsweetened and unflavoured
Naked Protein

How to use

Simply mix or blend BodyMe protein and superfoods powders into:

  • smoothies
  • milk alternatives
  • breakfasts e.g. granola, oats, cereal
  • use in baking and recipes
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Linda Webb (Southampton, GB)
Protein powder

Really great to fine organic protein powder! It's perfect in sweet and savoury dishes :)

Hi Linda, thanks for your 5 star review of our Protein Powder. Great to hear you have created some interesting recipes to add it too. Thanks, Chris

Lewis Mansell (Auch, FR)
Great product but the flavourless is difficult to take

I love the natural ingredients and the nutritional values, but the flavourless protein is a bit difficult to take with just almond milk; I'll go for flavoured next time. The Vegan Reds are not much tastier but again great natural credentials!

Hi Lewis, thanks for your feedback on our protein and superfood blends. All our protein powders are unflavoured and unsweetened for the best nutritional value. 3 are superfood boosted for functionality as opposed to a hit of flavour.

For example our Raspberry & Coconut blend is a good source of Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Iron as well as containing prebiotic inulin to aid digestion and gut health. The subtle flavouring allows for more versatile uses. Add to fruit smoothies, sprinkle over cereals/granola, stir into hot drinks (plant milk latte) and baking. Its good for vitality and immunity.

Maca & Cinnamon is great for protein plus endurance and energy from the Maca.

Cacao & Coconut is great for protein plus immunity and focus from the flavonoids in the Cacao and the Omegas 3,6 & 9 from the flaxseed.

Naked is your most popular, this is the perfect ratio of Amino Acids and 24g of protein per serve. It is completely unsweetened and unflavoured and can we used in a wide variety of recipes from smoothies to cooking.
Keep an eye out for something new coming soon.

Welcome to BodyMe,


Jamie Davies (Cardiff, GB)
Protein and supergreens bundle

Organic and no nasty ingredients ! Lovely !

Hi Jamie, Thanks for your 5 star review! So pleased to hear that you're enjoying our protein powders and greens mix. Welcome to BodyMe, Jade

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