Legend has it that this golden root was used by Inca warriors for strength and endurance. Surviving extreme altitudes in Peru’s Andes, this superfood will help you take on the world!

Maca is proper tough. This superfood strongman doesn’t need warm climates to grow. No. It laughs in the face of the freezing, inhospitable conditions of the Peruvian mountains and forces its roots through its rocky soils to survive.  It’s this ability to flourish where few other plants can, that makes Peruvian maca our favourite. It’s secret ingredient? A fully developed, highly nutritious ‘hypocotyl’- the part of the plant embryo responsible for pushing forwards growth. Fancy taking on maca?


  • The energiser - maca is a great source of vitamin C, B6, iron and copper which help us keep a normal metabolism and reduce tiredness and fatigue.
  • The protector - vitamin C and copper in maca helps protect our cells from oxidative stress and along with vitamin B6 and iron helps keep our immune system functioning proper.
  • The health keeper - vitamin B6 in maca helps regulate our hormones and vitamin C, B6, potassium, iron and copper between them help maintain our nerves and mind. vitamin C and copper are good for our bones, teeth, hair and skin. Potassium also helps keep our muscles working properly. Wow!


Our Peruvian maca roots are grown organically and processed raw, the way the nutrients (and nature) like it! With the added nutritional benefit of combining all 4 types of root - black, purple, red and yellow, you simply get the finest quality product (you deserve it!).

The roots are harvested, air dried, broken into small pieces and milled into raw maca powder. 100% raw organic 4 root maca and nothing else. 

Our capsules provide a concentrated form of this powder, by simply gelatinising it, which also reduces the starch for easier digestion. The powder is then compacted into vegan shells for an easy plant-powered maca hit! 5kg of harvested root is dried and gelatinised into 1kg of powder used in our maca capsules - a whopping 5:1 concentration ratio!

All our maca products are Soil Association certified and Vegan Society registered for that extra peace of mind!


Take a leaf out of the Inca warrior’s recipe book. Despite all it's toughness, it's flesh is sweet, making maca a very versatile superfood indeed:

  • Blend into juices, smoothies, or protein shakes to add a warrior boost.
  • Blitz with banana, nut milk, cacao, and ice cubes for a raw maca shake… warrior gold!
  • Shake over breakfast granola, muesli or porridge for an energising maca morning boost.
  • Add to foods or baking for some scrumptious, nutrition packed energy.
  • Pop a capsule before breakfast, for a maca strengthening start to your day.
  • Check out our recipe section for some tasty maca recipes.


"One of the best products I have ever bought. I have to get up at 4am for work & also I do boxing training & the gym. With being 52yrs, I found I was lacking in energy & this product has really helped & my sexdrive has returned too."  Suz.

"Keeps your energy levels up and also helps you to focus."  Mandy.

"I hadn't tried maca root powder before but it kept cropping up in juice recipes so thought I would give it a go. The smell kind of reminds me of honeycomb! A small bit mixed in with fresh juice and you can't really taste it (though it doesn't taste bad) and I definitely feel more energised for taking it each day."  Caroline.

"Excellent quality and the perfect size for trying out before buying a larger amount. Tastes lovely! Thanks"  Jen.

"This is supposed to give you a boost of energy like caffeine wothout the down, have added it to my smoothies and works well, seem more enthused for evening jogging session, in all weather."  Mr. McKeown.

"My order arrived promptly, the maca powder tastes great and smells divine. I will be ordering plenty more from this supplier in the near future, can't fault it."  John.

"I am new to the world of smoothies, but eversice I started I have added Maca Root Powder. I tried this brand for a change and I find it to be very good, good value, and I will be buying again."  Jackie.

"This stuff does work, it works well mixed with pre workout drink for the gym, o ya, it works down there aswell, she's very happy".  Barry.

"Very high quality Maca. Very quick delivery. Very good price. Looks good to me!"  James.

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