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Our showcase blend. This unique mix represents what we live for. To give people the chance to live healthy and love life. Get the buzz!

A unique, powerful blend of our favourite invigorating superfoods - baobab, guarana, maca, lucuma and acai. Organic nutrient rich goodness, bursting with natural stimulants, vitamin C, B vitmains, antioxidants and more. Sprinkle away!

What a stimulating crew, with nature’s greatest energising nutrients. With this super powder, you can say goodbye to lethargy.

  • Waking up feeling sluggish?
  • Mid-afternoon slump?
  • Too tired for the evening gym?

Sorted, with maca and guarana's stimulating effects, baobab's vitamin C, acai and lucuma's B vitamins and zinc, between them help keep our metabolism in tip top shape and stops tiredness in it's track.


  • The energiser - our super energy blend is a great source of vitamin C, B vitamins, iron, copper and iodine which help us to keep a normal matabolism and reduce tiredness and fatigue. Maca and guarana are also natural stimulants to help keep us alert.
  • The protector - vitamin C, copper and vitamin B2 in our super energy blend helps protect our cells from oxidative stress and along with iron and vitamin B6, also helps keep our immune intact.
  • The health keeper - vitamin C, B1, potassium, iron, copper and iodine between them help maintain our nerves and mind. vitamin C and copper are good for our bones, teeth, hair and skin. Potassium also helps keep our muscles working properly and blood pressure normal. Iodine also helps keep our thyroid working proper. Wow, what a line up!


All grown organically, and raw processed, means our powders retain all the plant’s raw power and the nutrients stay happy! With this blend of carefully selected superfoods in perfect proportions, we provide an all-in-one mix that packs a punch for your energy levels and sense of wellbeing. 

All our super energy products are Soil Association certified and Vegan Society registered for that extra peace of mind!


Our super energy powder makes it easy for you to get a burst of nature’s super energy and live life to the max:

  • Blend into juices, smoothies, or protein shakes to add a super energy boost.
  • Mix with beetroot juice for the perfect pre-workout prep.
  • Blitz with fruit, coconut water and ice cubes for a raw energy shake… super!
  • Shake over breakfast granola, muesli or porridge for an energising morning boost.
  • Add to foods for some scrumptious, nutrition packed energy.


"I bought this to add to my smoothies/juices in the morning for a bit of extra energy and I wasn't disappointed! I was slightly worried it would taste bitter or something but I can't notice any difference and it smells fruity. I definitely feel healthier and more alert after drinking my smoothies containing this."  Sarah.

"WOW these pack a punch, definitely introduce slowly but you really feel a jolt of energy at first but when I really notice the benefit is the day after you feel electric and able to tackle anything with bags of energy!"  Joe.

"I bought this with some other super seeds and I've mixed a small amount of each together to add to a smoothie - WOW WOW WOW, me and my husband have felt the benefits immediately, which is incredible! We've got bags of energy (we have a newborn so that's not happened for 11 weeks!)"  Mrs Yates.

"Pros: taste isn't overwhelming / can put in a smoothie and not notice it / one and half teaspoon is enough to provide energy / energy isn't short burst, lasts whole day Cons: none so far."  Ali.

"Best supplement ever, love it."  Giles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
The best superfood mix I’ve ever tried

As a Health Coach and active person I must admit that this is the best superfood mix I’ve ever tried. In regards to taste, energy supply and even as a mood enhancer. . I recommend it to literally everyone I know including my clients. . Thank you

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