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acai berry - the purple protector

acai purple power

We love purple. In nature purple usually looks great, smells great and tastes great. Purple fruit is often high in antioxidants and flavenoids, in particular anthoycyanin (the stuff that makes it purple) - think blueberries, plums, grapes. And acai berries are no exception with even more added benefits. Growing in huge, scrummy clusters at the top of palm-like trees in Brazil’s Amazon rainforests, their health boosting flesh tastes delicious – often described as a fusion of fruity red wine and chocolate! However, they are difficult to harvest and, after picking, there's only a short time before they start to loose their nutrients, and so.....

Our acai promise

We believe no-one should miss out on all this wonderful purpleness, so once harvested our acai berries are rapidly pulped and freeze-dried immediately after picking, to extract the water and preserve the goodness.

Approx 20kg of picked barries are freeze dried into 1kg of our acai powder. And it's deep purple!

100% raw organic acai and nothing else. Soil Association certified and Vegan Society registered for that extra piece of mind!

acai yourself up!

Adding acai to your diet is easy. Try the below and experience a new vibrant you!

  • Sprinkle into juices, smoothies or protein shakes to add an energy inducing acai zing.
  • Mash into foods for a scrumptious, nutrition packed acai snack.
  • Shake over breakfast granola or muesli for an acai purple blast.
  • Check out our recipe section for other tasty acai recipes.

acai benefits

  • The protector - acai is a great source of vitamin E which helps protect cells from oxidative stress (vitamin B2 also helps with this). Plus acai is full of the flavenoid anthocyanin – the stuff that makes it deep purple.
  • The energiser - acai is a good source of vitamins B1 & B2 helping to keep a normal metabolism and reduce tiredness and fatigue.
  • The health keeper - acai is high in good fats (the omega ones) which are good for normal heart function and maintaining normal cholesterol levels. Vitamin B1 also helps the heart, nervous and psycological systems, whilst vitamin B2 helps maintain skin, vision and red blood cells.

sharing acai love

"really amazing product, came earlier than expected and works like a charm, really blessed to have this recommended and use this regularly, especially with grape juice, papaya and bananas."  Lewis.

"Excellent product and lasted a lot longer than I expected. Much nicer taste than some other brands I've tried. Will be sticking to this brand from now on."  Fiona.

"I have only just started using this product but i must say it tastes nice, I mix it in with orange juice in the morning and have it with my breakfast. I must say I have my breakfast at 7am, I have noticed that i don’t feel hungry till lunch time around 1sh so I don’t know if that is meant to happen but it’s fine with me. Also great easy packaging."  Justine.


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