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lucuma - feel good superfruit

sweet lucuma gold

The deep golden, caramel flavoured flesh of this subtropical superfruit has been a Peruvian favourite for centuries. Traditionally known as the "gold of the Incas", ancient Pervians believed this superfruit would lift the mood to such an extent that any problem could be overcome. Certainly, for the sweet toothed amongst us, discovering lucuma is like discovering gold. A raw natural and organic sweetener that has a rich taste with hints of caramel, maple syrup, custard and cashews. And that's enough to lift our spirits!

With our organic lucuma powders you can discover raw gold and experience one of the planet’s sweetest tasting mood boosters.

Our lucuma promise

Our lucuma fruit is grown organically and processed raw. When fully ripened, we select the best and carefully pick them. They are then peeled, pitted, dehydrated and milled into a fine raw sweet powder for you to enjoy. No fillers, no additives, just pure, natural gold lucuma powder sweetness.

100% raw organic lucuma and nothing else. Soil Association certified and Vegan Society registered for that extra piece of mind!

sweetify yourself!

Add this golden sweetness to your diet for an Inca inspired feel good factor!

  • Blend into juices, smoothies, or protein shakes to add a sweet nutrient boost.
  • Stir into nut milk for a great tasting, caramelly lucuma shake… liquid gold!
  • Shake over breakfast granola or muesli for a golden lucuma morning boost.
  • Add to foods or baking for some scrumptious, nutrition packed sweetness.
  • Mix into ice cream to make raw lucuma ice cream, the very latest in glace.
  • Check out our recipe section for other sweet lucuma recipes.

lucuma benefits

  • The energiser - vitamins B1 and B2 plus zinc in lucuma help us keep a normal metabolism and reduce tiredness and fatigue.
  • The protector - lucuma is a great source of vitamin B2 and zinc which help protect our cells from oxidative stress. The iron and zinc in lucuma keeps our immune intact.
  • The health keeper - lucuma's a good source of fibre to keep our digestion working smoothly. Vitamin B1 also helps the heart and with it's buddy - B2 and potassium, helps maintain our nervous system. The vitamin B1, iron and zinc in lucuma looks after our mind, whilst B2 and zinc are good for our skin and vision. Phosphorus and zinc help keep our bones and teeth healthy and potssium keeps our muscles working normally. Wow, what a line up!

sharing lucuma love

"Had a job to find the Lucuma Powder I required for some granola bars I am making. The product was very quick in coming and is excellent. Would recommend."  Mave

"Arrived promptly. Lucuma has a subtle sweet taste and I used it to sweeten my breakfast or my milkshakes without having to worry about the sugar rush. It is also rich in minerals, which is a bonus. I would recommend this product."  Josie

"Just what i was looking for. High quality product and just the right size to try it out before buying a larger amount. Lovely, thanks!"  Jen

"So nice and natural. Not too sweet but good in my cookies."  Dodie

"This is amazing in smoothies. AMAZING!! So tropical."  Ash

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