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BodyMe started it's journey in 2011, fuelled with my frustration from a world of unnatural supplements. Combined with an unexciting day job, and no time for the things I loved, my mind began to wander. (by the way.....I'm Leigh, and that's me above). 

With my life experience in nutrition, bodybuilding and strength training, I looked for a better way, a healthier way, in-sync with nature and the planet. I found raw plant protein and superfoods - raw plant foods, fuelled by the sun, formed by nature, and packed full of nutrients craved and recognised by the body. It seemed right, synergistic and sustainable!

After months of trialing every plant protein and superfood under the sun (excuse the pun), I was hooked! not only did it improve my training and recovery, but I felt better, healthier and more ethical. I wanted to spread the word and provide people with great products to help them love life by living it to the max - naturally! 

And so, BodyMe was formed, I took on a production facility (the family kitchen) and worked like crazy (in my spare time) until my wife banned me from the house. So, I converted the garage, quit the day job, and never looked back!

Things have changed a lot since those humble days. We are now based in the organic capital of the UK, Bristol with two facilities, a warehouse / dispatch unit with a dedicated packing room and a purpose made commercial kitchen where we make our protein bars. All our products are certified organic and are handmade / hand packed by us..... with a whole lot of passion!







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Managing Director

Founder and been known to do a bit of sales & marketing.

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Spending time with the family, simplicity, working out and calisthenics, learning, the snow and boarding, clean eating and creating new products.

Often seen

Trialling new products, creating campaigns, rushing off to shows and meetings or doing pull-ups on the staircase.

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Accounts Manager

Always 'figuring' things out and counting the beans!

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Family time, the outdoors, travelling the world, animals, watching films, conspiracy theories and balancing that last penny!

Often seen

Managing the accounts system, balancing the books, monitoring receivables and payables, and exploring new places.

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Expert nutritional advice, brilliant recipes and an absolute health whizz!

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We aim to provide products to help you live life to the max! - you know, those that have a big impact, backed by proven claims. So it does what it says on the tin...... or pouch.....or pot...... you get the idea!

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Keeping everything organic is our thing! If we can't source it or make it organically then we won't. We believe It's the best way to health and happiness of the planet, people, animals and everything in between as well as truly clean and natural products with little processing. It's all good!

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Keeping it raw where possible and being vigilant in our belief for low temperature processing. Providing products that won't compromise the plant's raw power (the nutrients are happier that way). Look out for our raw symbol.

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We're kind and we love plants, they turn the sun's energy into life and nutrients. Our products are registered with the Vegan Society (except bee pollen) for you to thrive on pure plant power...... and nothing gets hurt in between. Come feel the vegan love!

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We love our home, so this is where we make and pack all our products. We keep it simple and like to see everything that goes into our products, so we don't outsource, we do it all ourself.....by hand. That's the way.....uh hu...uh hu....we like it!

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We always give something back. Every year we donate 10% of our net profit to charity.