What's inside?

A nutrient dense and easily digestible protein powder with a unique ratio of flaxseed, brown rice and yellow split peas.

Organic pea protein 

Made from hulled yellow peas, which are high in iron, supporting your energy levels and immune system.

Organic brown rice protein

The brown rice is soaked to remove a significant amount of anti-nutrients and enhancing its nutrient bioavailability and protein content.

Organic flaxseed protein

We cold mill our flaxseed to unleash its natural goodness, including protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and micronutrients.

Chocolate Protein Shake Pack and Spoon - Vegan Protein Shake - BodyMe
Oat Fibre

This wonder food fibre, known as beta-glucans, is derived from gluten-free oats and supports many health benefits:

Improved Cholesterol

Beta-glucans play a crucial role in maintaining normal blood cholesterol levels, which is great for heart health.

Reduced Blood Sugar Spikes

They help to slow down the absorption of sugar into your bloodstream, which keeps those unwanted sugar spikes at bay.

Happy Gut Health

As prebiotics, beta-glucans encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system, boosting gut health and aiding digestion.

Naturally Flavoursome

Fruits, botanicals and extracts

We formulate each of our protein shakes with fruits, botanicals and extracts to bring a naturally delicious flavour together with added fibre and micronutrients, to support your everyday health.

Man Drinking Vanilla Protein Shake From Bottle - Vegan Protein Shake - BodyMe
Sweetener Free, But Why?

Free from any kind of sweeteners (there is no such thing as a natural sweetener) our protein shakes are formulated with a dash of raw cane sugar. This is why...

Energy and muscle support Unlike sweeteners which bring empty calories, raw cane sugar provides the immediate energy essential for both performance and recovery, effectively replenishing your muscle glycogen stores.

Your long term health We avoid sweeteners due to their links to many health issues like diabetes, obesity and heart health.

Gut health: Raw cane sugar is recognised by your body and ensures better digestibility, supporting optimal gut health. Sweeteners disrupt the gut and our microbiome.

Sweeteners are not natural and contain many chemicals, which are used to extract and process them.



A great protein shake, love how natural it is!! It really makes a massive difference to my training.

Adam Gibbons
Ironman Trainer

This shake really fills a nutritional need for me!! It's great!!

Ruth Osborne
UK Record Holding Freediver

Really natural, delicious and high quality ingredients. I love the vanilla shake stirred into oat milk to keep me nourished.

Louisa Strouts
Devon, UK