BodyMe Flavoured 100% organic vegan protein bars

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At BodyMe, we create plant-based nutrition that’s better for you AND the planet.

Since 2011, we’ve been building a tribe of like-minded people – people who are looking for a boost to feel their best. Our community is for everybody, from fellow actives and everyday athletes to busy parents – we’re here to support you, whatever your journey.

We believe the key to excellent nutrition can be found in nature, not in a lab. That’s why everything we create is organic, pure and simple, maintaining as much of the natural plant power as possible, with minimal impact on the environment. Our story is all about helping you perform at your best.

We’re so proud of what we do – and we’re on the lookout for ambassadors who feel the same way. We aim to build intentional, enriching collaborations with both individuals and brands. If you’re active, adventurous, have the desire to elevate your mind, body and soul and encourage others to level up too, we want to hear from you. From recipes worth sharing to tips and tricks on how to use our products, if you’re passionate about sharing the power of organic, pure and simple plant-based nutrition, we’d love you to be a part of our tribe! After all, we believe every little connection has the power to create change.

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