Why do I need protein?

Protein is not just for muscle growth

Protein is considered the building block of life and is found in every cell of the body. When most people think of protein it usually conjures up images of gym goers drinking protein shakes to help them gain muscle, and whilst it's true that protein supports muscle growth and repair, there are many other reasons the body requires protein.

Protein is made up of amino acids that are attached to one another in long chains. There are 20 different kinds of amino acids, and the sequence in which the different amino acids are arranged helps determine the role of that particular protein.

Amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, are also the building blocks of important chemical messengers in the body involved in many different body functions and these rely on adequate protein intake. For example...

  • Neurotransmitters in the brain such as serotonin (our happy hormones) and dopamine (in charge of reward and motivation) both require amino acids for their synthesis
  • Enzymes Every chemical reaction in the body relies on enzymes. All enzymes are made up of proteins. These include the enzymes involved in detoxification in the liver, and digestion in the gut.
  • Hormones – many of our hormones such as insulin and progesterone, are in fact, proteins.
  • Immune System: perhaps one the most intricate and complex systems of the body and host to a multitude of different cells, molecules and chemical messengers that work together to defend the body against infection and keep us well. Research has shown that a deficiency of protein compromises the immune system and can deplete immune cells.
  • Hemoglobin is a protein that transports the blood around the body.
  • Skin, hair and nails – did you know that collagen, (that stuff that keeps your skin looking plump and youthful) is a protein? Our bones, cartilage, and many other structures of the body is made up of different proteins namely collagen, elastin and keratin.

    Who needs protein and how much?

    Vitally, everyone needs protein everyday. Studies have proven that as a rule of thumb you need to intake 0.8 - 1 gram of complete protein per KG of body weight. As we get older we require even more protein to support muscle mass.

    Why plant protein?

    Plant based proteins are not just for vegans or vegetarians. Here are 7 reasons why we believe including more plant based proteins in your diet can only be a good thing, for your own health and that of our planet!
    • Variety of nutrients – plants contain higher levels of other nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and other phytochemicals which are very important to our health.
    • Less acidic to the body – Plant foods are rich in minerals and so have a higher pH. Read more on the importance of alkalising the body here.
    • Low in cholesterol and saturated fat and high in heart healthy plant sterols.
    • High in fibre – unlike animal proteins which contain little to no fibre.
    • Avoidance of additional hormones and antibiotics that find their way through animal farming and into meat.
    • Environmentally friendly – animal agriculture has an enormous impact on the environment including huge consumption of land and water and the production of greenhouse gasses.
    • Lower risk of health problems – Much research has shown that eating a plant based diet lowers your risk of a multitude of diseases.

    Ingredients & Nutritionals

    How is organic different from conventional?

    In the face of climate change, diet related ill-health and widespread decline in wildlife, the need to change our food systems has never been greater.

    There are many benefits of organic food and farming. Organic farming is a whole system approach that nurtures the soil, biodiversity and our planet. It’s underpinned by simplicity, and is about so much more than just food that’s free from synthetic chemicals. As well as banning artificial fertilisers and pesticides that can harm our bodies, it feeds into a holistic way of life that connects the farmers and you to soil health, plant diversity, environmental protection and great health.

    Organic principles are nothing new – until the 1950s, all the food we ate was organically produced. It’s organic food that should be considered ‘normal’, rather than the factory-farmed, agrochemical stuff that’s only been on our shelves for the last 70 years!

    And the reasons for eating organic food, and supporting organic farmers, growers and suppliers, are becoming more compelling than ever.

    What’s so great about eating Organic?

    • More nutrients
    • Its nutritionally different to conventional foods
    • No chemical nasties
    • Supports Ecosystems and Wildlife
    • It helps fight climate change

    Choosing Organic - certification stamps to look out for

    Every product with an organic label has had each part of its production process carefully monitored from farm to shelf. Each organisation involved – like BodyMe – has to show that they meet organic standards. By choosing organic, you know what’s in your food. But what should you look out for? The organic industry is booming and everyone wants a piece of the ‘natural’ pie. ‘Organic’ and ‘natural’ mean very different things, however, which means there are some unscrupulous growers who slap ‘organic’ labels on food that hasn’t actually undergone the stringent certification process. So, to be crystal clear that the food you choose is fully certified and 100% organic, look for the Soil Association symbol: a recognised and trusted mark of organic certification internationally. The Soil Association is an environmental charity that promotes sustainable organic farming while championing our health and wellbeing. Soil Association Certification is a not-for-profit subsidiary that inspects and certifies the largest number of registered organic farms and businesses in the UK as well as operating in 28 countries globally.

    Do all of the BodyMe products contain the finest organic, wholefood ingredients in the world?

    Absolutely, we only use the best ingredients that are fully certified to Soil Association standards.

    Why do you use three different proteins in all your protein products?

    We combine three plant proteins to produce a unique and perfectly complete vegan protein blend, providing all nine essential amino acids and more.

    Can your protein powders, bars and bites help me lose weight?

    Our powders, bars and bites are made from wholefoods and are ‘nutrient dense’, which means the amount of nutrition per calorie is high. This is beneficial if you are trying to lose weight. A high protein diet can also reduce appetite and help you avoid cravings between meals, helping you to achieve your weight loss goals.

    Are your protein powders sweetened?

    No. We keep our protein powder blends unsweetened and as pure and natural as can be. We leave that bit for you to decide.

    Are your protein powders eg Cacao and Coconut blend, flavoured?

    We add organic superfoods to these blends to provide additional nutritional benefits, not for flavour (you may get a very slight hint of flavour from those superfoods).

    Is there caffeine in the protein powders?

    Our naked, maca & cinnamon, coconut and raspberry options are all caffeine free. The cacao & coconut option does naturally contain caffeine - approximately 6mg caffeine in each 33g serving (approx. 6% of the amount caffeine as in a cup of coffee).

    What is the source of sugars in your protein bars?

    We love to keep it organic and natural, as close to the raw food as possible. We believe this is healthier and better for your body. This means we don't use highly processed ingredients to try and manipulate the nutritional profile. As such our bars and bites will contain naturally occurring un-refined sugars, in similar amounts to those found in a small apple.

    The main source of the naturally occurring sugars is from the organic dates and organic coconut nectar. Organic dates are added for their high fibre content, rich antioxidant benefit, natural sweetness and they have a low Glycemic Index helping regulate blood sugar too (They also help give our Bars the lovely brownie/fudge like texture). Organic coconut nectar is added for its natural sweetness and low Glycemic index of approx 35 compared to processed syrups which typically have a GI of over 65!

    I am getting a slight graininess from the protein powders, is this normal?

    Yes, our organic vegan protein powder blends are all organic with real food ingredients. We don’t add any unnatural binders or nasty texture improvers.

    Where are your ingredients sourced from?

    Organic hemp seed protein – UK and EU

    Organic hemp seeds – EU

    Organic pea protein – China

    Organic brown rice protein – China

    Organic cashew nuts – Vietnam

    Organic dates – Tunisia

    Organic coconut nectar – Philippines

    Organic coconut milk powder – Vietnam

    Organic cacao and cacao nibs – Peru

    Organic maca - Peru

    Organic ceylon cinnamon – Sri Lanka

    Organic acai berry – Brazil

    Organic ashwagandha – India

    Organic beetroot – Italy

    Organic blueberry – Chile

    Organic chaga and reishi mushroom – China

    Organic chia seeds – Paraguay

    Organic chlorella and spirulina – China

    Organic coconut – Sri Lanka

    Organic coconut oil – Philippines

    Organic wheatgrass – Germany

    Organic goji berries – China

    Organic matcha green tea – Japan

    Organic moringa – India

    Organic turmeric – India

    Organic vanilla extract – Madagascar

    Organic orange and lemon oils – Italy

    Organic peppermint oil – India

    Organic prebiotic inulin – Mexico

    Organic black pepper – Vietnam

    Organic carob – Spain

    Organic cranberry – Canada

    Organic ginger – China

    Organic mango – Thailand

    Organic rosehip – EU

    Organic flaxseed – UK

    Organic raspberry – EU

    Who Are BodyMe Products For?

    Who can enjoy BodyMe?

    BodyMe is for everyone – whether you are just seeking a bit of a boost, cutting down your meat intake and trying to increase your protein, recovering from illness, or a plant-based Olympian athlete, we cater for all.

    Can I enjoy BodyMe products if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

    All of our products are natural, organic and wholefood based, we do however recommend consulting with your nutritionist or GP.

    Are you Informed Sport approved?

    Not at the moment, but we do not use anything on any WADA or other banned list.


    Where to buy BodyMe?

    Other than a couple of specialist environments we sell directly to you, so our products are as fresh as can be. By cutting out the large chains and middlemen, this enables us to ensure that only the best ingredients go into our products – no fillers, bulking agents or cheap shortcuts. Plus, you get to chat to us directly, so that we can give you the best care and attention possible.

    Can I find you in my local gym or nutrition store?

    You may find us in a small selection of gyms and nutrition led environments where we can build trusted partnerships with like minded businesses – if there are any places you feel that you would like to see us then please get in touch with Chris: chris@bodyme.co.uk.

    How to enjoy

    How do I use your protein powders?

    They're ideal for:
    • Adding to fruit and veg smoothies.
    • Mixing into recipes and baking.
    • Adding to breakfast cereal or porridge.
    • Blending with nut milks, coconut water, and juices.
    • Blending with a banana and 300ml water or nut milk (remember to sweeten to your taste).
    • Baking with eg. pancakes, banana bread, power bites.

    Can I shake your protein powders with just water?

    We wouldn’t recommend this as the best way, however if you want to enjoy them as pure as can be, then give it a try and let us know how you get on! Milk alternatives and smoothies are our preferred way to enjoy.

    Can I heat my protein?

    Yes, this is no problem at all. It’s perfectly fine to heat or cook with any of our protein blends.

    How do I use your superfoods?

    They're all ideal for:
    • Adding to fruit and veg smoothies.
    • Mixing into recipes and baking.
    • Adding to breakfast cereal or porridge.

    Storage & shelf life

    What is the shelf life of your protein powders?

    After opening the pouch, they have a shelf life of 2 years. Just make sure to store in a cool dry place and keep them sealed / airtight.

    What is the shelf life of your superfood blends?

    After opening the pouch, they have a shelf life of 2 years. Just make sure to store in a cool dry place and keep them sealed / airtight.

    What is the shelf life of your protein bars?

    Our bars have a 9 month shelf life. We make them daily in our small batch production kitchen meaning they get to you as fresh as possible.

    What is the shelf life of your protein bites?

    Our bites have a 9 month shelf life. We make them daily in our small batch production kitchen meaning they get to you as fresh as possible. Once opened store in a cool dry place and consume within 3 weeks (which will be difficult to ever reach as they are so moreish).

    Pack sizes & number of serves

    How many servings are there in your Protein Powders?

    Organic vegan protein powder blends - 33g (approx 3 heaped tablespoons) per serving and there are 30 servings per pouch. If you wanted a little less protein and the product to last longer then you could half the serving and there would then be 60 servings.

    How many servings are there in your Superfood Powders?

    • Organic vegan reds / greens / golds powder - 9g (approx 1 heaped teaspoon) per serving and there are 30 servings per pouch.
    • Organic vegan omegas powder - 27g (approx 2 heaped teaspoons) per serving and there are 30 servings per pouch.

    How are the products made

    Do you make and blend all your products?

    Yes, we make and blend all our products in small batches, so you get the freshest products with the longest shelf life. We’re not a brand who outsources the manufacture… we are the makers and so you get the best passion, care and attention going into all our products with committed customer care.

    Are your products raw processed?

    Yes, all of our products are processed below 45 degrees C at our premises and we never bake our products, to keep the nutrients intact.

    How is the protein extracted for your protein powders?

    Each ingredient is processed to extract the protein as follows:
    • ORGANIC HEMP PROTEIN: The organic hemp protein is produced from the hemp seed, which is de-shelled, cold-pressed (to remove the seed oil) and finally milled into a fine protein rich powder.
    • ORGANIC PEA PROTEIN: The organic pea protein is produced by solvent-free extraction from yellow split peas using a process of gentle purification, concentration, drying then powderisation.
    • ORGANIC SPROUTED BROWN RICE PROTEIN: The organic sprouted brown rice protein is produced through a wet milling process including fermentation, wet milling, filtration, enzymatic separation to separate the protein from whole grain brown rice then finally drying into a fine powder.

    What kind of quality control procedures do you have in place for making your products?

    Although we are a relatively small production set up, we have the highest levels of quality control, full SALSA accreditation and stringent measures in place to create the finest range of products.

    All ingredients are sourced from the best, approved organic suppliers and we are fully accredited to soil association standards.

    Shipping & Returns

    We now work with a new, carbon offset, shipping partner DPD so that we can offer next day delivery guaranteed, with a timeslot sent to you on the day.

    UK Shipping

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    We offer a 100% no risk money back guarantee.

    Order with confidence. If our products do not meet your expectations, we can arrange a collection of the products within 30 days and will process a full refund.

    Please email info@bodyme.co.uk with your order number and a brief reason why the products are not suitable.