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Taking this in the morning or a couple of hours before training really makes a difference.

Food for life

What can I say it takes a bit of time to get Used to it mainly because it’s not full of crap as most of the protein powder are ,I will definitely buy again

Perfect product perfectly delivered! :)

Perfect product (healthy, tasty and convenient for on-the-go consumption) perfectly delivered! Thanks to the entire BodyMe team and the best of luck for the future in helping fuel people's lives!


Really happy with this product. Tastes great, & works well in my smoothies

Great stuff

Nice clean source of protein, great with breakfast, nice tasting! Happy customer.

Great product! Great company!

Searching for a reasonably priced organic protein powder online, I came across BodyMe's version and decided to try it. I was a quick convert - the taste is good, especially if mixed with fruit, nuts seeds and oats, as I have it each morning. In fact, it is now a firm breakfast fixture and sets me up for the day with an easily digestible protein, as I don't eat dairy.
What is more, anyone I have dealt with in the company is incredibly helpful, friendly and quick to respond. Can happily recommend both the company and their protein powder to anyone looking to supplement their diet with good quality products.

Great product. Very good service. Highly recommend.


Great service. Slightly different taste to what I'm used to but still fabulous

Amazing Protein Bars

I have tasted the Beetroot Berry and Maca Cinnamon flavours and they are awesome. I was looking for a natural alternative and they are now the only ones I'm buying from now on. My tastebuds, body and soul are happy.

Awesome product

I love these and can’t survive without them now. I have subscribed but always run out before the next order arrives. If I increase the order I will just eat more...

good quality neutral tasting vegan protein powder

Perfectly fine product which you can use to enrich sweet or savoury dishes

Vegan Protein Powder

This is the best clean protein powder in the UK. Try it and you’ll find there’s no alternative.

Good product-will observe effects at a later time ..

Amazing product

I never had other protein product and will probably never change. Stick to the vegan and natural way. Those bars are tasty and efficient, I use pre andpost workout or as a snack when out of home.

amazing all around

So far I have only ordered the protein bars and the vegan protein powder but I am very pleased with the products regarding both taste and ingredients. The BodyMe team is incredibly helpful and nice which, alongside the good products, is a great bonus.

Protein bars

Delicious and not loaded with sugar

Best Plant Protein

Have used almost all Vegan Proteins in the market and can definitely say this is my n1. Great taste, dissolves easily even in cold drinks and without lumps. I use it in fruit & veggies smoothies, but also mix it with my oats.
Only problem, I cannot find it in Thailand where I currently live, so have to wait my vacations back in Europe to get it... :(

Highly recommended!

Great product. Great service

Very pleased with protein powder and the Cacao Orange bars taste great too. Great service too - Had a problem with one order and they sent a replacement the next day!

Great product

These guys are cool and the product is great

Go green! Go superfood!

Perfect for smoothies or just like that with some water or coconut water!!!


I love these protein bars! They're so good!

Raw Cacao Powder

I’m a total cacao lover and this is the best , most natural tasting cacao powder you’ll ever get !!! Thank you

Fuller for longer

As an exercise specialist / Health coach - I have found this protein powder very good quality and in comparison with other powders it doesn’t make me feel bloated like some. The plant protein mixes great with different milks - I.e. oat, almond, goats, etc and fresh fruits - berries. It helps my energy before a training session and It makes me feel more mentally alert. - are experienced in nutritional health and link in with the best quality supplements and Health products at discounted prices. We will be using bodyme powders in future for improving health and fitness through nutrition. Great product- thank you.

Protein powder

Excellent product. Good taste, no digestive problems, great quality.

Good Clean Protein

BodyMe bars never disappoint and provide convenient quick fix of goodness whilst on the go. Perfect for those of us who rarely have spare time to prepare healthy snacks between meals or travel alot. Thanks BodyMe