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Vegan Protein Powder
Ryan Manders
Great product

Everything I want from a protein powder. Vegan and organic with an extensive nutrition profile. I blend 33g of powder with frozen berries or dates, plant milk and a squirt of agave and it tastes great.

Hi Ryan, thanks so much for your 5 star review of our Protein Powder. Great to hear your recipe too, does sound tasty. Welcome to BodyMe, Chris

Love it

Finally a protein shake not full of sugar and poor additives. Even scored well on my Zoe!

Hi Clint, thanks so much for your 5 star review of our protein powder. Great to hear is scored so well on your Zoe app. Welcome to BodyMe, Chris


I love your vegan protein shake due to the organic cleanliness. This compliments that product with an even better taste

Hi Clint, thanks for sharing your review of our new Protein Shakes. Great to hear you enjoyed the taste so much too. Thanks for being one of the very first to try it. Chris

Great protein powder

This is the best I’ve found tastes great with no awful synthetic after taste you get with most while also delivering the complete plant protein and amino acids. Well done Body Me

Hi Denise, great to hear you are enjoying the natural taste of our new Protein Shake. Thanks so much for being one of the very first to try it. Chris

Just what I have been looking for

Love this product, great taste while offering complete plant protein and the essential amino acids. Great product

Hi Denise, thanks so much for your 5 star review of our new Protein Shake. Great to hear you are enjoying the taste so much. Chris

Not for us unfortunately. We both had an adverse reaction to the powder and had painful tongues and I developed an allergic rash on the side of my face and neck.

Hi Tracy, I’m sorry to hear, this is a first in the many years of creating this blend. I’m keen to understand more and connect you to our in house nutritionist to look into this.

For peace of mind, our Naked Protein Blend is completely natural and pure, with a unique ratio of three plant proteins only. No allergens, additives, fillers, sweeteners or synthetic ingredients.

It’s third party fully tested and fully certified, made with the highest quality organic ingredients.

It would be great to understand any other ingredients you blended it with or other foods, drinks or supplements you consumed that day.

Please reach out to me directly.

Thanks, Chris

Very impressed

I am working my way through my first order of protein bars. I am very impressed with the taste and nutrition content in these vegan bars.

Hi, thanks for discovering us, and great to hear how much you are enjoying our Protein Bars. Welcome to BodyMe, Chris


Thought I'd give this new protein shake a try - I usually go for the regular Naked or Cacao & Coconut flavour, and I have to admit I may have just converted over. It tastes amazing mixed with water and may permanently move over to this over my regular!! So big round of applause to the Chris & the team for hitting a bullseye on flavour.

Pros: It’s easily mixable with just water and a spoon - similar to their other protein shakes so I don’t have a problem there. The texture of the shake seems smoother & creamy and easier to go down. The other great thing is that it doesn't have any nasty artificial sweeteners /chalky feel that lingers on your tongue later on - it's not too sweet either, sits just right. I think it's the perfect formula at the moment - please don't change it!

Value: It's a bit more expensive than their regular protein but still better value than similar quality of plant based protein. I reckon in this instance it's worthwhile opting for the subscribe and save option to bring the price down.

So overall this is a cracking product in my view - it's extremely delicious, which I can't emphasise enough and goes down well, too well for me to the point where I'll probably drink more than I should!

Hi, thanks for taking the time to review our new Protein Shake. So great to hear how much you are enjoying it. Thanks again for your support. Chris and the team

The best protein out there

The new chocolate and vanilla flavours are the best in the game! Perfectly sweet but not too sweet and a high amount of protein per serving. The chocolate one also makes a perfect protein hot chocolate.

Hi Poppy, thanks so much for your high praise of our new Protein Shakes. Love the hot chocolate recipe idea! Thanks again for being one of very first to try them. Chris and the team

Taste great

Nice taste and mixes well with either oat or almond milk in our blender

Hi SW, thanks so much for your 5 star review of our new Protein Shakes, great to hear you are enjoying them so much! Chris and the team

At last, no horrible aftertaste, and up to me what I sweeten with!

At last, no horrible aftertaste, and up to me what I sweeten with! Really pleased with it.

Hi GP, great to hear you've found the right Protein Powder for you. Thanks for sharing your reason for choosing us. Welcome to BodyMe, Chris

Vegan Protein Powder
Miriam Stewart
Purest vegan protein power

Love it. I’ve been looking for a good vegan protein powder for a while now which wasn’t too pricey, gave all the ingredients and protein but without any artificial/processed ingredients and I’ve found it! The powder is great. I mix it mostly into my porridge, so I can add other flavour/honey or I add into a shake. Very happy and now subscribed to regular supplies

Hi Miriam, thanks for your high praise of our Protein Powder and for discovering BodyMe. Also a huge thank you for subscribing, welcome to BodyMe, Chris

'Naked' protein powder my go-to

I have used this brand for a while now and will continue to do so. The powder mixes well into non-dairy milk, the taste is mild and pleasant on its own or goes well with berries or nut butters. Also mixes well into porridge if you make it runnier to start with. The new packaging is a pleasant surprise - it closes, and stays closed, much better than before. I react to lots of foods but not this and it feels 'clean' - highly recommend!

Hi Hanna, thanks so much for your support and choosing our protein powder. Great to hear the new packs are working better too . Thanks for your orders to date, Chris

My Favourite Protein Powder

I love this flavour, I hope it never gets changed or discontinued. It's filling, nutritious and increases my protein intake. I add it to smoothies, porridge and use as a protein shake added to milk. Delicious!

Hi C, thanks for choosing our Protein Powder. Great to hear it's boosting your daily protein intake so well. Thanks, Chris

Vegan Protein Powder
Bridget Askew
vegan protein powder review

I've started adding the cocunut and raspberry protein powder to my breakfast shake, I stay fuller for longer, great source of amino acids, thank you BodyMe!

Hi Bridget, great to hear you are enjoying our Protein Powders. Sounds like you've got a good recipe for a positive start to the day. Thanks for your orders, Chris

Vegan Protein Bars
Rosemary Barnes
BodyMe Vegan Protein Bars

I order a variety box of vegan protein bars and I have to say, they are the best protein bars I have tasted and are really satisfying. The only problem is what flavour to choose! Highly recommended!

Hi Rosemary, thanks so much for your high praise for our Protein Bars. Thanks for labelling them as the 'best' . Welcome to BodyMe, Chris

Super Reds Powder
Tina Fisher
Such a boost!

I use these every morning, following my nutritionists advice, and I love it! My skin is the best it's ever been and I feel great!

Hi Tina, thanks for your review of our REDS superfood. Great to hear you are feeling much better. Chris


Excellent product and great taste with no added preservatives.

Hi, thanks for your review of our Protein Bars. Great to hear you are enjoying the taste of them so much. Welcome to BodyMe, Chris

Chocolate & coconut is a winner!

It's difficult to find vegan protein powders that have no sweetener or sugar, and still taste great. This one is a winner. Soy milk and mashed banana in a protein shaker is perfect, or I find that oat milk is sweet enough to not need the banana, although this is for the more hard-core cacao and cocoa fans (if you like 90% dark chocolate, then this is the one for you, otherwise chuck in a mashed banana). Quite pricey but cool to support a small business!

Hi Sam, thanks for your review of our CACAO & COCONUT protein powder. Great to hear you are enjoying it so much! Welcome to BodyMe, Chris

Quite Tasty Actually

So glad I found BodyMe. I bought their bars (variety pack) and their protein bites and they really help fill a gap without the cravings. Will order again! Yet to try the supergreens but look forward to it!

Hi Sharn, thanks for your high praise of our Bars and Bites. Great to hear they are stopping your cravings. Let us know how you get on with our GREENS Superfood blend. Thanks for choosing BodyMe, Chris


Really happy so far. I hate added sugars or sweetners, thus is just protein. I add it to yoghurt in the morning with a good spoon of cinammon and handful blueberries and hand blend, may add a little honey. It's really good. If u don't blend it, it's a bit grainy but a nice texture once blended.

Hi, thanks for sharing your recipe idea with us. Great to hear you are enjoying our Protein Powder so much. Welcome to BodyMe, Chris

Genuinely nice

Normally, I approach vegan additional protein sources with a sense of doom, but these bars are truly not that offensive to me. I've tried vegan bars with half the protein of these that take hours to try and stomach they taste so weird and artificial, but the BodyMe ones have achieved a natural taste that someone like me who is stupidly fussy can tolerate, and the 16 g of protein is a true protein boost to the day that takes off the pressure of trying to get enough when you're not that keen on many food items, not to mention that they offer a complete source of protein. The Cinnamon one is almost something I'd eat just for the pleasure of it, which I think is saying a lot for a very healthy protein bar, that I believe is very rare in it being organic and also made in the UK, and the orange and mint ones are also very inoffensive.

Hi, thanks so much for your 5 star review of our Bars. Great to hear you are enjoying them so much. We don't use flavourings, sweeteners and fillers, this is the reason other protein bars taste artifical. Thank you for choosing BodyMe, Chris

Vegan Protein Powder
Lorand Balint
Best Vegan protein powder on the market

This is the best protein powder I found so far, it's the cleanest and purest, it really feels this has no added sugars or any artificial flavouring, it's pure protein. Thank you BodyMe for creating something special!

Hi Lorand, thanks for your 5 star review of our Protein Powder. Great to hear how much you are enjoying it. Welcome to BodyMe, Chris

Vegan Protein Bars
ross Hargrave
Excellent Product, excellent company

I couldn't recommend BodyMe's protein bars highly enough, tasty, nutritious and no nasty ingredients- and if that's not enough, the staff are helpful, with great customer service- thank you BodyMe- it's 10 out of 10 from me!

Hi Ross, thanks so much for your high praise. Great to hear you are enjoying our Protein Bars so much. Huge Thanks, Chris

Vegan Protein Powder
Claire Collinson
A great natural product.

I like this powder as you can add your own choice of sweetener. As I don't like artificial sweeteners.
It's best properly blended rather than just shaken. I add a banana and a little honey or maple. It does the job upping your protein. The bars are great also.

Hi Claire, thanks for your 5 star review of our Protein Powder. Your quick and simple recipe idea sounds tasty too! Weclome to BodyMe, Chris