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Great selection

A great selection of bars, have them with a cuppa as a snack & they are so filling I’ll be buying more.

ORGANIC Vegan Protein Powder

I have recently had a change of diet for health reasons and added this to my daily/almost daily diet . Excellent product!

Fantastic little bites

These are great for snacking on if you don't want a full bar. Otherwise they're the same as the bars - i.e. top quality ingredients and they taste great.

Just the job!

Great value, tastes good, ethical, made in the UK, ordering, delivery and customer service faultless, no complaints

Very palatable

A couple of my clients tried this product and recommended it so I thought I'd give it a go and was very pleasantly surprised by how good it is. I add this to a savoury smoothie each morning and it doesn't mask the taste of the veggies. Very pleased.


So apart from the benifits of this product there is also a myth that goes along with it, it turns your hair black!? Well you know something , my hair is getting darker! No lie. I'm grey and have been going grey since I was about 14. This has started happening within 5 months. The thing is, I like my hair, ha, but the Fo Ti makes you feel so good I won't stop taking it, weirdly it taste great in beetroot juice along with their Maca Powder, energy in abundance, Im Vegan and dont like to suppliment pills but this, the spirulina, the maca are all spectacular. I've been shopping with these people for sometime now and its some of the best customer service I've ever experienced. Always a personal touch. Thanks again.

I like it

Tastes good...unlike some i have tried. I think its working


Good packing, good price!

Vegan organic protein

I'm very pleased with the quality of this product and the service

Lovely title

lovely taste ,great for the pallet,gentle on the stomach,would definitly buy again.


Tried today enjoyed lots. modified the smoothie recipe little for me, great with homemade cookies!!

All flavours

I brought all the flavours available to try and have to say they were sooooooo delicious and also filling so great fro breakfast on the go or an afternoon snack. Definitely going to order some more!!!!

Vegan Protein Powder

I have tried other protein powders but not found them very palatable. BodyMe Protein powder is an excellent consistency, blending well into my smoothies and delivers the protein punch I need as part of my essential nutrition - along with BodyMe protein bars! It will be a regular order from me..

Just as it stated

I bought spirulina for my wife , she hadn’t read about the spirulina benifts on the bodyme website, I was amazed when she told me she was eating less and feeling more energisied plus her breathing was back to normal since before she used the spirulina she was getting tiite chested at times.

Really Great Healthy Tasty snack bars

Review title says it all really. Both my mum and I are particularly loving the mint bars. Easy on the stomach, cocoa helps awaken things a bit, protein feels useful and absorbable and very tasty with refreshing mintiness that is neither over the top nor too little......nicely balanced. Plus satisfaction of knowing it's organic. What's not to love!

really great product, service... a loyal customer gained

Everything was so simple, and I have searched for a long time for such a product... ethical, and wonderful! Thanks so much :)

Excellent Product

This protein powder blends well and tastes great. I purchased the cinnamon option which I blend with banana and oat milk. I do have to add a bit more cinnamon myself but overall this is a great product and tastes just as good as a much more expensive version I purchased for a while.

It would be great if you could come up with an Alkalising green juice that tasted good too!!

Vegan protein bars that taste good!

These bars are really amazing. I have found it so hard to find any vegan, gluten free protein bars that I actually want to eat - and I have tried many. The BodyMe bars taste like a guilty treat. So far I am crazy for the Cacao and Mint / Orange. The customer service has been absolutely fantastic and great to know that all the ingredients are ethically sourced.

The Best Ethical Products on the Market

As a former professional full time athlete and current full time Coach, who recently turned to be Vegan, I couldn't find any ethical products on the market with such good quality as BodyMe stuff. The hemp protein really keeps me going after 10 hours in the gym everyday! Well done BodyMe, keep up the great work!

The best vegan protein bar

I've done plenty of research on vegan protein bars, in that I've tried an awful lot of them. My search is now over. The BodyMe bars have no compromises, ethically or nutritionally. So I was really hoping they would taste ok. It turns out they taste fantastic! Not the cheapest, but worth every penny.

Organic Protein Bars

Fantastic product, great taste. I use after climbing, biking and workouts.

Green power starts here!

A super green wheatgrass smoothie is the best start to the day. Wheatgrass powder is a powerhouse of nutrients and the benefits are numerous. The powder can also be used to make a face mask for soothing unhappy skin.
This is one of the best wheatgrass poweders I have come across. BodyMe is a gem of a company, small and caring with range of products to match.
I'm one happy, healthy, green fuelled customer

My favourite!

I absolutely LOVE these bars! They are my favourite of all the brands that I have tried. Perfectly moist and not too sweet and they are filling enough to keep me going. I am so glad I found them. Customer Service has been great too so all around am a very happy customer!

Protein bites

Choc orange and vanilla chia both great filling more afternoon packets of crisps or chocolate bars.

Organic vegan protein bars

My first order and I am very pleased with it. I did hesitate to order them as I felt that they were a bit expensive. However, I then noticed that they have approx 18 grams of protein in them which is double that of what I was using (Meridian) so they are worth it. The taste is great and I will definitely be ordering more, - and trying other flavours. Thank you.