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Great as a snack at anytime in the car or after school or your sports bag. Lovely flavour and healthier than the usual snack offers. Thank you bodyme I'll be back to try another flavour.

The whole process has been very professional. My order arrived on time and very well presented with a lovely thank you note. The bars are delicious and taste exactly as they are described. The bites are an easy snack great to keep in the car or your sports bag. Very healthy for children for a snack for example after school. Thank you bodyme I will be back.

Vegan Protein Bars
David H (Leighton Buzzard, GB)
Love these!

Finally, a protein bar that tastes great, fills me up, and isn't full of ingredients I've never heard of. Can't recommend highly enough. Thank you BodyMe!

Hi David, thanks for recommending our Protein Bars. We believe in whole food ingredients that are found in nature, not lab made. Glad you're feeling the benefits of our philosophy. Thanks, Chris

Vegan Protein Bars
Sophie (Bristol, GB)
Great protein bars

Great protien bars for on the go. Good texture and taste. Mixed box is perfect for trying all the flavours!

Hi Sophie, thanks for your review of our Protein Bars. Great to hear you are enjoying them so much. Chris

Super Vegan Omega 3 6 9 Powder - Organic
Lisa Bennett (Exeter, GB)
Awesome product

I am a colonic Hydrotherapist and I recommend it to all my clients as well using it myself. A scoop every day in my smoothie, ensures I go to the toilet spectacularly sorry if TMI as it delivers dietary fibre which is so important to gut health plus the value of omegas for our overall health and brain function cannot be underestimated!

Hi Lisa, this is amazing to hear! Thanks for being such a great advocate for our products, in particular our OMEGAS blend. Also, thanks for not being shy in explaining the benefits of this blend . Jade

Super Greens Powder - Organic
David H (Islington, GB)
Easy way to eat your greens

I wouldn't normally eat veg at breakfast, but adding super greens to my morning shake has taken care of it for me.

Hi David, great to hear our GREENS superfood is beating Kale for your breakfast . Thanks for choosing our GREENS. Welcome to BodyMe, Chris

Vegan Protein Bars
Alison (Coventry, GB)
Orange protein bars

Super taste and texture. Great for throwing in the bag for on the go, (keeps shape and doesn’t fall apart if it ends up at the bottom of bag like some bars do) Super for during cancer treatment when you just don’t feel like eating, an easy to eat bar that is packed full of protein, which speeds up healing and full of only good stuff so I don’t have to worry about what is going into my body as I eat it.

Hi Alison, thanks for your 5 star review of our Protein Bars. Great to hear they are supporting your treatments. We wish you all the very best on your mission to beat cancer. Thanks for choosing BodyMe, Chris and the team

Vegan Protein Bars
KT (Croydon, GB)
The best vegan, natural, refined-sugar-free protein bars I've had

Having been on a plant-based diet for over 5 years, with some specific allergies, I've tried all sorts of vegan protein supplements.

In recent months I've tried to cut down my sugar intake (including artificial sweeteners) and was really struggling to find a replacement for my previous choice of a chocolate soy-based protein bar from Holland & Barrett.

The fact that these contain 16g of NATURAL sugar-free vegan protein (and taste so good) still blows my mind.

The subscription price per bar works out about the same as the previous one I used to purchase from H&B, which is a big plus.

Additionally, the BodyMe points system that's on offer is a great incentive.

On top of that, there are so many flavours that help curb my cravings, which in my opinion, makes for the perfect snack at any time of the day.

I'm almost through my first box and will be following the next one with a subscription.

I hope more people find out about this brand and see what it has to offer, especially if you are striving for a low-sugar/sugar-free diet.

Hi KT, thanks for your 5 star review of our Protein Bars. Great to hear you are enjoying them so much. Welcome to BodyMe, Chris

Vegan Protein Bars
Bobbie (City of Westminster, GB)

I love these bars so much! They’re tasty, filling and a great way to get extra protein as a vegan. My favourite flavours are mint and orange!

Hi Bobbie, thanks for sharing for thoughts about our Protein Bars. Great to hear you have found your favourite flavours. Welcome to BodyMe, Chris

Vegan Protein Bars
Tracy (Hackney, GB)
Good quality.

These protein bars tasted better than I thought they would.
There ok if you need to fit in protein on the go…

Hi Tracey, thanks so much for your order. Glad our Bars beat your expectations. Welcome to BodyMe, Chris

Protein Bites
howard roberts (Saint Leonards-on-Sea, GB)

Protein Bites

Hi Howard, thanks for posting a 5 star review of our Protein Bites. Welcome to BodyMe, Chris

Super Superfood!

I've tried many powder blends and finally I have found one that has it all and makes me feel great! Mix into juice for a quick pick me up or sprinkle over my morning Oatmeal to start the day off right. Highly recommend this blend.

Hi Dan, great to hear you feeling the many benefits of our GREENS Superfood blend. Welcome to BodyMe, Chris

Vegan Protein Bars
Z.s. (Mill Hill, GB)
Great bars

Very tasty great quality

Hi Zabina, thanks for your 5 star review of our Protein Bars. Great to hear you are enjoying them so much. Welcome to BodyMe, Chris

Vegan Protein Bars
Chris Peakle (Paris, FR)
Very good but the pea comes from China

The bars are very good, and have good ingredients. However, some of them, including the pea protein, comes from China. When we know the norms of the organic agriculture in China, this is a terrible choice. There are alternatives on the market with pea protein powders coming from Europe. BodyMe should make this shift as well.

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your review of our Protein Bars. Great to hear you are enjoying them.
Thanks for raising your point about using Chinese Pea Protein. We are constantly assessing our supply chain to ensure we are getting the best possible ingredients, ethically and nutritionally. The Soil Association compliance checks are comprehensive. The importer is organically licensed, and so is the processor, farmers and growers. The farms are inspected and audited to ensure they meet organic standards and as part of that process the farm is checked against this standards which includes water sourcing, quality of supply, farming separation from industry and separation from non-organic crops. Throughout all these processes the products are tested for near to 600 pesticides / herbicides / sulphites / pollutants / micro toxins / heavy metals / GM by Eurofins a German based testing facility. This is carried out by the processor and occasionally also by the importer as a double check.
There are small growers emerging in Europe but the supply is not consistent enough to rely on it at the moment. Canadian supply typically gets processed in China so this is too big an environment impact however that is slowly changing and we are keeping a close eye on all options. I hope this offers some insight into our decision making and the steps we have to go through to ensure we meet the very highest standards.
Thanks for your order and welcome to BodyMe,

Vegan Protein Powder
D Sawal (Leicester, GB)
Healthiest protein in the market

Organic, blends well in overnight oats
4 stars because taste isn’t the best but can be flavoured.

Hi D, thanks for your review of our Protein Powders. Our protein blends are unsweetened and unflavoured. We created them as the perfect protein booster for a wide variety of recipes. Keep an eye out for something new coming soon from a flavour point of view . Thanks, Chris

Vegan Protein Bars
S.M. (Vienna, AT)
My favourite!

These are the only protein bars I've found so far that I like everything about: lovely taste (I like turmeric and maca-cinnamon best), healthy ingredients, not too sweet (and naturally sweetened), chewy, vegan, gluten-free AND organic. Thanks for creating them! :)

Hi Sabine, thanks for all your orders over the years. Great to hear you are enjoying our Protein Bars so much. Chris

Vegan Protein Bars
Mihaela Peake (Romford, GB)

I enjoyed your products very filling and tasty. I love the fact that they are dairy free. I honestly recommend this products as being the best healthy and low calories protein bars.

Hi Mihaela, thanks so much for your review of our Protein Bars. Great to hear you are enjoying them so much. Thanks for being such a good advocate and spreading the word. Chris

Super Greens Powder - Organic
Claire Leakey (Madrid, ES)
Excellent products and very efficient service

Delivery and service fantastic and wonderful tasty products 👍

Hi Claire, thanks for your great review. Welcome to BodyMe, Chris

Vegan Protein Powder
Danielle Argent (Bristol, GB)
Great for the whole family

My son loves the coconut and raspberry powder in his smoothie each morning as do we . It tastes delicious and it’s so nutritionally balanced with no nasties and no bulkers. We love it

Hi Danielle, Thank you so much for your 5 star review. It's great to hear that the whole family is enjoying our protein powders. Jade

Vegan Protein Bars
Sharon Jackman
Deliciously Good and filling

I’m so pleased to have come across these protein bars, I pass them into friends and my sister in law loves them too. Keep them in stock so I don’t eat sweets and chocolate. They are my good alternative to eating bad alternatives.

Hi Sharon, Thank you so much for your wonderful review. It's really great to hear that they're supporting your healthy lifestyle choices. Welcome to BodyMe! Jade

Vegan Protein Powder
Rachel Pink (Southampton, GB)
I love it, despite not being as sweet as others

I switched to BodyMe protein powder as I wanted an organic powder that didn't have any sweeteners or sugar in and I have been pleasantly surprised how easy the switch has been and I am enjoying having it most mornings. Also has the added bonus of a prebiotic of inulin in the ingredients.

Hi Rachel, Thanks so much for your great review. I'm so pleased to hear that you found the switch to us beneficial. Welcome to BodyMe! Jade

Vegan Protein Bars
Jamie Dean (London, GB)

Excellent, high-quality protein bars

Hi Jamie, Thanks for your 5 star review! Great to hear that you're enjoying our bars. Jade

Tasty addition to shakes and snacks

I add this to my shakes or yoghurt and nuts for added nutrition and it also adds a pleasant flavour boost!

Hi VW, thanks for your review of our OMEGAS superfood blend. This is our unsung hero, works really well in wide variety of recipes and for all the family. Great to hear you are enjoying it so much too. Chris

Vegan Protein Powder
brook walters (Watford, GB)
Protein Powder, Macca & Cinnamon

Was looking for a clean protein powder alternative with no sweetners due to glucose spiking with type 1 diabetes. This tastes natural and great and doesn't spike my blood glucose levels. Win win. Thank you.

Hi Brook, thank you for leaving such a good review. Great to hear it is keeping your blood sugar levels consistent. Welcome to BodyMe, Chris

Super Reds Powder - Organic
Joanne Aitchison (Chesterfield, GB)
Excellent, Quality Product

Fantastic product, quality, amazing that’s it’s also organic, a tremendous plus for me personally. Thank you!

Hi Joanne, thanks so much for your review, Also, big thanks for all your support and orders. We appreciate it, Chris