Hi, we're bodyme

better for you & for the planet

We create the most natural, functional nutrition – with minimal impact on the environment – helping you perform at your best

We’re here to give you the boost you need to perform at your best, every day

We believe the key to excellent nutrition can be found in nature, not in a lab. That’s why everything we create is organic, pure and simple, maintaining as much of the natural plant power as possible, with minimal impact on the environment.

Nutrition First


100% of our ingredients are organic. Free from nasties, pesticides and chemicals that could harm your body, organic foods offer more nutrients and look after you, the growers and the planet.

Real ingredients

We harness the power of real food ingredients – nothing synthetic or made in a lab, and no ingredients you can’t pronounce. That’s always been our motto, and it always will be.

No nonsense

No don't mess with your food. Never any added sweeteners, refined sugar, flavourings, fillers, binders, bulking agents, seed oils or other hidden nasties that are unkind to your body.


Way back in 2011, we had a lightbulb moment. Frustrated by a world that was filled with highly synthetic, unnatural nutrition options, what if someone was to do it differently? Could we create protein that was as clean as possible, always 100% organic, plant based and natural?

Enter BodyMe – the first organic plant-based protein brand to launch in the UK. 

For everybody

From fellow actives and everyday athletes to busy mums and those of you looking for a boost to feel your best, we’re here whatever the journey. 

We’re proud of the community we’ve built and we love hearing your feedback on how our products support you every day. Keep it coming!

BodyMe Sustainability values

We give back to the planet

From 10% of net profits donated to Rainforest Alliance through to running on renewable energy and carbon offset deliveries.