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  • This stuff does work, it works well mixed with pre workout drink for the gym, o ya, it works down there as well, she's very happy. (maca) Barry
  • First time trying Matcha Tea and I must say I am thoroughly enjoying it. Like adding a bit of coconut or almond milk to it. Good customer service. Alexis
  • This pure raw organic cacao powder has a very rich taste. It's perfect if you want the amazing taste of chocolate and its nutritional benefits without any unhealthy additives. Love this product! Taz
  • Read so much about this product and after using it a couple times, lives up to its good reputation. (matcha) Brian
  • For spirulina this product smells good and probably one of the best tasting spirulina out there - good price too! No complaints and has replaced my morning smoothies. Alan
  • We make a wonderful smoothie for breakfast with orange, apple and pear juice and we add the spirulina!! we get energized for the whole day!! Laura
  • Really amazing product, came earlier than expected and works like a charm, really blessed to have this recommended and use this regularly, especially with grape juice, papaya and bananas. (acai) Lewis
  • Bought this for my mum and she said the product is lovely. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend to others and I have already bought a second lot. (apricot kernels) Shany
  • I love the taste and it's great for my skin and body. I add it instead of sugar to shakes, cereals etc. (bee pollen) Aggie
  • I've been making a similar mix to this without the barley grass for a while, so it was great to find this product ready mixed. (Super Greens) Gary
  • It is known as the 'Tree of Life' - and for all it's health properties, I can see why - I have only been taking it for a short period of time, but I can feel the benefit already. (baobab) Graham
  • I have been having this product for a week and the energy it has given me is amazing it has also has bought glowing life to my skin and hair on my way to re-ordering this great herb. (fo-ti) Sajid
  • I spent a few years trying to find a good Hemp Protein product and this is it. Ideal for sprinkling on salads it has a delicious nutty taste. Ellen
  • Excellent product and lasted a lot longer than I expected. Much nicer taste than some other brands I've tried. Will be sticking to this brand from now on. (acai) Fiona
  • Had a job to find the Lucuma Powder I required for some granola bars I am making. The product was very quick in coming and is excellent. Would recommend. Mave
  • One of the best products I have ever bought. I have to get up at 4am for work & also I do boxing training & the gym. With being 52yrs, I found I was lacking in energy & this product has really helped & my sex drive has returned too. (maca) Suz
  • WOW these pack a punch, definitely introduce slowly but you really feel a jolt of energy at first but when I really notice the benefit is the day after you feel electric and able to tackle anything with bags of energy! (Super Energy blend) Joe
  • Really love this product really a great healthy boost, good for alkalising your body (Super Greens) Kamaljeet
  • Boosting energy. top quality. versatile. the nutritious kick for any food, smoothie, salad... drink... ! (Super Greens) Franziska
  • I bought this with some other super seeds and I've mixed a small amount of each together to add to a smoothie - WOW WOW WOW, me and my husband have felt the benefits immediately, which is incredible! (Super Energy blend) Mrs Yates
  • Compared to other chia seeds I've brought from other brands, these ones impressed me because they were particularly free of impurities. Ms T
  • This is absolutely amazing. Taking this wheatgrass made me feel instantly energised and lasted for some time. I felt healthier, my body felt better and I completely miss it if I do not take it. Victoria
  • I bought this to add to my smoothies/juices in the morning for a bit of extra energy and I wasn't disappointed! (Super Energy blend) Sarah
  • When you open this product you just know it is going to do you good, the deep green of this product just screams goodness....... (wheatgrass NZ) Debby



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