7 Spook-Tacular Moves To Lift Your Spirits!

Brush off the morning cobwebs and grasp the spirit of Halloween with our scarily effective HIIT workout that will boost your mood and help you outrun any ghouls you may encounter this Halloween:


15 minutes 

How It Works

Move through each exercise one after the other, without a break (or taking as little rest as possible within your fitness level). 

Repeat for 3 rounds with 1-2 minutes rest between sets.

The Workout

1. “Zombies! Run!”

30 seconds of high knees running on the spot for low impact - high knees walking on the spot

2. “Look out! Vampire bats!”

15 squats (low impact – half squats) 

3. “Everyone, stay absolutely still!”

30 second plank hold (low impact – lean on your knees)

4. “More zombies? Seriously?!”

30 seconds of high knees running on the spot (for low impact - high knees walking on the spot)

5. “We’re gonna have to jump!”

10 jump squats (low impact – half squats)

6. “Creep past the werewolves.”

10 spiderman press-ups (low impact – regular press ups leaning on your knees)

7. “Lunge into action!”

20 lunges (low impact – reduce to 10 and dip less)

You’re now ready to take on the (under)world!

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