Halloween – Good For The Soul?

We're all excited about Halloween here at BodyMe Spook Central and it got us chatting about why it's one of our favourite celebrations... It’s the perfect chance to gather family and friends, embrace your inner child by dressing up and pulling some pranks on unsuspecting victims. But why do we get such a kick out of this, the most unusual of celebrations? 

1. Fear is fun!

Well, as much as we hate to admit it, we love being scared! The rush that you get from a good scare is addictive. And once you realise you’re going to be OK, there’s the feeling of confidence, even invincibility. Who doesn’t want to feel like that?

2. Dress up to lift your spirits!

Studies have shown the link between making an effort in your appearance and positive mental health. When you put on that suit (or that witch’s hat), you’re making a deliberate attempt to hijack your happiness. Positive actions lead to positive rewards. The way other people react to your outfit will also give you a boost and remind you in the future of this experience. You can’t lose.

3. Have a ghoul’s night out!

We’re all excited about Halloween at BodyMe Spook Central and it made us realise something. Halloween helps bring people together. It’s one of our most base desires – to seek out others. The need for human contact is real, vital, necessary. What better excuse for a party? We are not meant to be alone.

So, get out and mingle. Chat. Laugh. Put on your favourite costume. Turn on your favourite scary movie. Make someone jump. It’s good for you!

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